Monday, May 4, 2015

Molly's Bloom's Brain-Gasm: Learning and Creativity

Opening at The Living Room Gallery (SLurl) on Tuesday, May 5, 2015 at 12 PM (noon) SLT

Entertainment:  Dusty Smythe
Your eyes dilate.  Your heart pounds and breathing gets faster.  An almost indecipherable sweat appears on your skin.  The synaptic nerves in your brain flash like fireworks and power the proverbial light bulb.  You are experiencing the Brain’s Big “O”, the brain-gasm. 
Brain-gasms come from everywhere, a visual, a smell, the sound of a song or an emotion.   Sometimes the effect is fleeting, and sometimes you find yourself with the overwhelming need to express.  Creativity flows, and not just in the traditional arts, but maybe cooking an extraordinary meal, creating an astounding business deal, or the perfect computer program.   If you are lucky to have a fulfilling outlet, your expression becomes tangible. 
Often an artist expresses themselves in a much deeper raw form than the onlooker can even understand, drawing you into their “gasm”, trying to turn you on as much as they were.  Each and every gasm is not only a personal learning experience but also invites onlookers to learn about the artist. 
The new series Brain-gasm is a free flowing, non-preconceived series of nothing more than Molly in the throes of the Big Brain “O”.  
From a press release sent to me by my friend owl

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