Saturday, June 20, 2015

Pride 2015 - Day 1

And we are off to a great start, the festival has kicked-off!

Yesterday I saw a pair of emerald shorts in my timeline on F*c*book that I simply had to have, they are so beautiful and only L$150. However, on Marketplace I saw that they were intended for the Niramyth mesh body so I put them out of my mind... for like 45 seconds. Then I went ahead and bought them anyway, but they didn't fit quite right with my regular body shape...

"Dammit!", I thought and proceeded to purchase the Niramyth body for something like L$2 766 just to get the shorts to fit properly. The rest of the evening - until the opening parties started - I had a team of helpers consisting of my hubby Tomais, my bro JJ Goodman and my friend Divos Titanium, for a short while we even recruited Stäväros Ğrăçємσûηт, trying to help me tint the damn body to suit my skin. After a while I got a new - more tanned - skin from Belleza (L$1 000) and a beard from EddiDesign (L$350) just to look somewhat presentable.

Well I was finally very happy in my beautiful shorts for only L$150, but to tired to take any pictures from the opening events, so I will direct you to some of my friends blogs instead.

Lockjaw Studios: Second Pride Opening Night With The Crew
Photo by Hottie B Lockjaw
Naked Carl: SecondPride - Fri. June 19
Look at those wonderful shorts I am wearing
Photo by Carl Paneer

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