Sunday, July 5, 2015

I'm Not Complaining

We Swedes spend nine-ten months a year wishing and longing for warmer weather, so we don't feel that we have any right to complain when it actually gets - perhaps, maybe - a teeny bit too hot for us coldblooded Northerners.

Pietro Boselli demonstrates how to dress during the heatwave (well expect for the socks...)
The last couple of days we have been hit by a heatwave of temperatures up to 30° C (≈90° F). Which is way more than we ever wished for, whereas 20-25° C would have been absolutely perfect (or to use the splendid Swedish word for it "lagom", i.e. just right, not too much, not too little, simply perfect)

If you go out on the town these days you will often hear "Not that I wish to complain, but..." or "If we had a little breeze it would be so much better, not that I am complaining mind you...".

I agree with them, but for the love of humanity don't for a second think that I am complaining.

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