Monday, October 19, 2015


In the beginning of October, I wrote a post entitled "The Drama Llama" Is Upbraided".

The same day it was pointed out to me by Nikolai Warden, the blogger to whose posts I was referring, that I had not done him the courtesy of reading the post correctly, that I had misrepresented what Nikolai actually said in his post and that I had also made a wrong assumption.

First off, the wrong assumption I made was that Nikolai alluded to me as "The Drama Llama". Nikolai assures me that was not his intention at all, he was in fact referring  to a completely different person.

Secondly, Nikolai stated in his post that the Gay Archipelago is not a dictatorship. When he used the phrase "the benevolent dictatorship", he was quoting a previous GA Lead.

I ask for Nikolai's and my reader's forgiveness for my sloppy reporting and for the unfortunate and unduly long delay in correcting the abovementioned aspects of my post. 

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