Saturday, April 9, 2016

Visiting Days of O

"O is taken by her lover to a castle where she is ravished by a number of men. When she returns to her apartment and her work O is forced to follow many rules with the aim to make her a perfect slave. Submission is becoming increasingly important in her life; as the agonies become more difficult, they are also sweeter to endure. O wears her scars with pride."
The above is a back-cover synopsis for "The Story of O" by Pauline Réage (1954) which is an erotic novel on the themes of love, dominance and submission.

The last part of the last sentence already has me so scared and freaked out that I would never consider reading it. I am so vanilla it is probably boring. The only marks I would ever consider having after lovemaking would be hickeys or chafed knees.

Besides, it seems so uncomfortable to me to lug about trunks of heavy duty equipment and clothing for sex when all I really need is condoms and a small vial of lube.

This rant was brought on by my visit to a sim called "Days of O" yesterday, with my Tomais, JJ and Aeon. A beautiful sim dedicated to - as I understand it - the BDSM lifestyle and the famous novel.

One thing good came out of it though, I found my perfect "master" and/or "slave", see the picture above.

Below is a picture of Aeon with his newfound true-love Betsy The Sheep in his arms.

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