Saturday, June 25, 2016

And the Winner Is...

Yesterday I posted a picture puzzle and asked if you could guess the meaning of the pictures.

You were asked to post your guesses in the comments.

The pictures depicted were the following:
  1. Three Swedish football fans (Their nationality is shown by them being painted in the blue and yellow colors of the Swedish flag and wearing the jersey of the Swedish National football team)
  2. A blazing sun
  3. Six varieties of pickled herring (It should have been at least seven, sorry for that...)
  4. A bundle of freshly harvested chives
  5. New potatoes, with skin still on, boiled with dill
  6. A bottle of aquavit (an alcoholic spirit, made from potatoes, that gets it distinctive taste from spices or herbs)
Thank you Ricco Saenz and Kahvy Smith for taking part in my little game. The answer I was aiming for to this riddle was indeed "Happy Midsummer!"

Now without further ado, let me announce the following...

And the winners are...

Mrrs. Ricco Saenz and Kahvy Smith!

Congratulations guys, you have both won a handmade Jester's Hat in Multicolored Rhinestone by BMcM™. 

Keep the object safe in your Inventories for a while and you will make a fortune some day, I am quite certain of that!


  1. YAY saves me the trouble of getting another one at Pride :) woot woot! But will it be a signed copy? X-)

    1. Why of course! It's both numbered and signed as there are only 999 of the exclusive luxury versions of the "Multicolored Rhinestone" that are signed by the creator himself. Your copy is #987, while Ricco's copy is #986.


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