Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Five Kisses & A Hug

Well, the Kiss-A-Swede Day 2016 cannot be declared as a roaring success, as this particular Swede only managed to collect five kisses, and two of those were from my hubby Tomais who has to kiss me whenever I want, and one hug.

I did however manage to assault Bre Czaroux into giving me a kiss as Tomais and I posed for his White-series.

Then, after Tomais had helped me with setting up the kissing booth at the Gay Archipelago SummerFest sim, we of course had to try it out to see that it was fully functional. That's when I got my second kiss from hubby.

After Tomais had gone off to work I posted on Facebook that I had lubed up my lips and was eagerly awaiting kissers.

Time went by without any takers, so I started checking my Twitter and reading the JoeMyGod-blog.

I was alerted that something was going on when I heard an IM coming in, lo and behold, when I checked SecondLife, Stephano was waiting to kiss me. I am not quite sure how long he had tried to get my attention, but we finally started snogging a bit.
 A bit later my vertically challenged and sweet niece Pieni, came along for a kiss. I will not show you a picture of that because my ladylike niece was rubbing her pretty - albeit hairy - little face all over my crotch. Huggers do not work for avatars in different sizes.

I was sad that I had no picture of Pienikins visit at my booth, but then I saw she had posted one herself, so I borrowed it.
Photo by Pienikins
Last my old friend Kahvy came along to collect his kiss on his way to his set at Zeus later that afternoon. He very kindly invited me to come there and hoist myself on his admiring fans. I had every intention of doing just that - after a short nap. 

However, as it turned out I was much more tired than I though so I ended up sleeping from 9PM to 6AM (local time). I guess it was all for the best.

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