Friday, May 6, 2016

Help Bri Graduate College

My friend RickJ has started this great initiative with the assistance of the Starlight Ballroom, Garrett and Kahvy Smith, to help a young woman fulfill her dreams to become a teacher.

I am very happy to share it with you.


"Hi! Thank you for taking the time to read this! We are going to do a benefit to help Bri become a teacher and we need YOU!

A dear friend of ours and a well known and loved member of the SL community, Tomais Ashdene, has recently bumped into some bad luck due to corporate downsizing. His amazing daughter is studying to become a high school history teacher. Unfortunately that is a costly education, so she started a GoFundMe campaign to pay for school on top of her part time job.

We at Starlight Ballroom are passionate about education and want to help her become another great teacher! The world needs more people like her in our schools!

Read the information on Bri's GoFundMe Page:

What do we need?

  • What we are looking for is people who would be willing to donate one or more of their creations for sale during the event.
  • Sales will start as early as may 7 and will run the entire month of may. When participating we'd love to have your item by may 14 at the latest, if possible.
  • Since prims and space are very limited low land impact items and/or boxed up items and/or items that can be viewed in one's own store or showroom are preferred. We sadly don't have the prims open for big displayed items. 
  • We have a full perm free vendor for you to use, just put your price and percentage you want to donate in the script
Market stalls go first come first pick. You do not need a group for rezzing.
  • There are no rules to what you donate and how much of the sale revenue you want to donate (though we hope for 100%)
  • You can donate anything you like, but things to do with teaching or history will be extra cool!
  • The item does not have to be new or exclusive, nor are there any rules on selling it during or after the event, but promoting the event is of course appreciated!
  • There's no rules on permissions other than No Full perms with licenses attached to avoid any DMCA issues.
The benefit will have a big party with DJ's and live artists on Sunday May 22 during which we will promote your store/brand as part of the sponsors! We will also have a strong presence on Social Media!

If you wish to be a part of making a teaching dream come true, let us know and we'll hook you up as soon as we can.
We would LOVE to have you be a part of making this dream become reality!!! Please talk to Rickj Ewing or Kahvy Smith for more info or to sign up for this amazing benefit today!!!!
Much Love

The Starlight Team

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  1. Awesome! thanks for blogging this! we're hoping many more creators will jump on board, every bit helps :)

  2. Thank you so much Bock cause every bit helps a lot.


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