Thursday, November 10, 2016

Still Shattered &Disillusioned

Following the American presidential election and Brexit referendum in Great Britain has now given me a sound skepticism towards opinion polls. I will never trust their results again,

Ever since I saw the final results in both these elections my thought wander off to somehow come up with as viable explanation - I am getting nowhere and then I just feel a great sadness.

I have to leave it behind or I will go crazy.


  1. because polls mostly only hear what they want to hear, skip large groups of people ... now too.. they forgot majority of people don't live in the 5 biggest cities, and there is a lot of unhappiness and irritation about the ruling class. The total surprise is only for the ones who still live in a dream.

  2. Yes, the verdict for all people of conscience is: Dreamland is over. Our comfortably numb lives, courtesy of our corrupt politicians, is literally killing us like tiny bite at a time. Trump is a horror and Brexit is a horror. But we need to be awake to see that the alternatives are a bigger horror. Our trusted leaders were committing heinous crimes to enrich themselves and our enemies and putting up smokescreens so we wouldn't notice we were slowly being euthanized. At least now we see the beast. It's up to us to slay it. We never had caretakers... just owners. We must fight for freedom every day of our lives. I'm sorry the world isn't kinder.


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