Thursday, January 12, 2017

Content Creators, Listen Up!

I got a request from my friend Kahvy Smith to help, him and his husband Garrett, with this call for content creators and promoting the upcoming Easter Egg Hunt at The Land of Rainbows.

"Want to promote your product? Your store? Get some free attention and traffic? Keep reading! 

The Land of Rainbows Gay Hangout wants to invite YOU to our annual Easter egg hunt!

Become a participant and let people hunt for your eggs! 

We will be hiding Easter eggs all over our sim and are hoping YOU will help us give out cute gifts to our visitors! Let them search for the eggs! 

What do we offer? 

🐥 A fun and entertaining event for your (potential) customers from april 1 - april 18 (the day after Easter) 

🐥 Entering is Free of charge. You do NOT have to pay anything to join! 

🐥 Well visited destination guide featured sim that draws over 100 unique visitors a week under normal circumstances

🐥 We will list this event in the destination guide (Provided Linden Lab picks up the suggestion, we cannot control that but have been successful in the past.)

🐥 Regular promotion in-world and on social media before and during the event

🐥 Your logo in promotions for the event if you like.

🐥 Full freedom as to what you want to give away (* please see notes below on adult content) 

What do we need? 
* A copy + trans item or items from you to give away. By participating in this event you give us the right to give this item away with the perms as stated by you (!!) beforehand, and only for the duration of this event, but we will need a copy + trans item ourselves or we will not be able to add your item to an egg. 

Afterwards all rights to your item will be reserved to you and you alone, the item will not be used further unless with your explicit permission. For practical reasons ( hiding the eggs, moving them around to keep the hunt fun) we cannot let you hide your own gift. 

* All Promotional items you want to include ( notecards, landmarks) in your egg. No scripts please! 

* If you want us to promote your store in the event promotions, a full perm copy of your storelogo (again all rights reserved after the event) 

** Notes **
You are free to create whatever you want. The item does not have to be exclusive for the event nor does it have to be a new item. Try not to just give ''old'' freebies that can already be obtained for free at your store, that is a little besides the point.

The item does not have to be easter themed, but can be of course if you want to! 

The item can be adult and/or sexual in nature 

Please don't give items targeted to children/child avatars. We are an adult sim with (some) adult content. 

If at all possible, try to give unisex and/or male and female versions of your item. If you create only for male or female, then that is fine too of course. 

All responsibility for the items compliance with SecondLife ToS lies with you

Are you in for a FUN easter season? Then join NOW! Contact Kahvy or Garrett Smith (please send IM + notecard inworld since IM's do get capped) 

Garrett Smith & Kahvy Smith
Happy Easter ;)"


As a world famous content creator in my own right (under the quality label BMcM™), I felt the subtle nudge to contribute something of my own to the this Easter hunt.

I sent in one of my handmade beautiful folkloristic candlesticks (the Easter edition) to Kahvy. (See picture)

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