Monday, November 14, 2011

Annoying SLebrity Takes A Stand

The famous - or perhaps even infamous - SecondLife performance artist and machinima creator extraordinaire SaveMe Oh today takes a stand against bullying on her weblog, "Stay With Your Filthy Hands Off Of My Swedish Friends".

I should think that SaveMe considers her whole SecondLife existence as an act of performing art because she usually creates uproar wherever she goes - usually somewhere in the SecondLife art community - by being as an agent provocateur. By her own admission she has been banned at more than 100 sims.

Admittedly SaveMe often annoys me but today she became my heroine and made my day by confronting one of the five leading Swedish bullies head on.

According to the opponents blog. she considers the conversation to be "threatening" and has now supposedly made an abuse report to Linden Lab, which shouldn't ´t lead to anything except a waste of valuable time.

From Second Life Wiki
Disclosing private Second Life conversations: Sharing or posting a conversation inworld or in the Second Life forums without consent of all involved Residents is a violation of the Terms of Service.
NOTE: This does not include posting of chat to social media sites or other websites. Posting such logs on web pages, emailing them, or printing them out and posting them on utility poles in the "real world" -- are all actions beyond the scope of the Second Life Terms of Service.; while that might be illegal, but those laws must be enforced by the proper law enforcement agencies."Conversation" means text that originally came from Second Life chat or Second Life instant messages. If it's totally unattributed, then it isn't considered disclosure. Additionally, Residents are not punished for sharing or posting a comment such as "Bob Resident said, 'You're the greatest!'" (My underlinings)


  1. Since I get rid of Philip Linden and M Linden I am setting myself the rules, and they are the rules of freedom.


  3. Berätta för en oförstående Bock...betyder det att man får publicera IM på sin blogg utan avsändarens medgivande?

  4. Klart du får Iendi, Linden Lab kan bara sätta regler för den egna verksamheten. I bloggar gäller svenska grundlagar. Men man måste ge utrymme till genmäle enligt praxis.
    PS. I refuse to translate this to US-English! Can´t I write in UK-English Bock has to do the translation himself DS :)

  5. Hands off the kitten or any avatar in SecondLife named "sirhc", SaveMe. No one is allowed to call my friend sirhc a pussy except myself.

    sirhc has never ever been a part of the Swedish SecondLife drama, lets just leave him alone, please!

    As to the other avatar you mention in your post she must now realize that we have all seen what she is up to. Now let us leave her space to rectify her ways and rethink her methods otherwise we may found ourselves in the position of the bully, and I cannot believe you would want that.

  6. Iendi, Vanadis har tolkat utdraget ur SecondLife Wiki helt korrekt.

    Linden Lab inser att de genom sin TOS (Terms of Service) eller spelregler bara kan reglera vad som sker inworld eller på deras fora.

    Vad som händer i riktiga livet eller utanför deras fora på bloggar eller annat faller utanför ToS och hör istället under tillämplig nationell lagstiftning.

  7. Vad bra! Då måste ju den elitistiska klicken ha all möjlighet i världen att förnedra, mobba och förlöjliga vem det än vara må och det på så många bloggar de nu har tillgänglighet till (a- och b- bloggar fattade jag inte som icke bloggare!) För det kallas visst inte mobbing då utan artistisk satir??? Vem blir näste man till rakning och hur många skall dras med?

    So much for your sweet talk bout´bullying Bock! Thought we shared the same thoughts bout´the future.

    // Chaplin early

  8. Det är skillnad på lag och folkvett Chaplin.
    Du har alltid rätt att bemöta påståenden och med lagens hjälp kan du få din sak prövad om du känner dig förfördelad.
    Döpa om mobbing till artistisk satir gör ingen skillnad utom möjligen för mobbaren. Sjöfn har en del tips idag på min blogg hur man hanterar slika personer

  9. Chaplin Early says the following in the Swedish part of his comment above (roughly translated) "That's just great! Then of course the elitist clique will have all the opportunity in the world to humiliate, bully and ridicule anyone else, and in as many blogs they may have access to (a-and b-blogs, I did not understand as a non-blogger!) Because it will not be called bullying then, but artistic satire??? Who will be the next victim, and how many others will be drawn into it?”

    I would like to answer Chaplin´s comment like this.

    Let me first say that I know nothing about A or B blogs, I have never used those terms and would never use them. Neither do I where you heard or read it, and anyhow I cannot be answerable to other people´s stupid classifications.

    Secondly I would like to say that if you have opinions about SaveMe Oh´s actions you should take it up with her, I don´t know her at all and therefor cannot even guess at her motives for doing what she did.

    On my own behalf I can however say that I did appreciate and applaud SaveMe decision to enter into a conversation with one of the five leading bullies against Tina Dahl and to post that conversation on her own blog. That fact is in itself apparent in my post.

    In my post I have also included an excerpt from the SecondLife Wiki which shows that although the posting of SecondLife IMs in real life blogs is in fact considered a breach of the SecondLife ToS but that Linden Lab also admitts that the legality of such an action does not fall within the scope of the ToS but are rather a question for the real life law enforcement authorities. (I did it after seeing a comment on the bully´s blog that such publication was unlawful.)

    As for the rest of your comment, if I understand it correctly, you seem to equate the fact that I have pointed out that I have observed bullying going on and and have pointed this out in my blog with me being no better than the bullies.

    I totally recent your conclusion. I have never taken part in any bullying in-world or in real world. I have not ridiculed, harassed, stalked, belittled or spoken in a derogatory way about anyone.

    The fact that I point out that there are bullies, and sometimes even name them or point at posts where they are named, cannot rightfully be considered as me taking part in bullying or that I am being a bully myself.

    Finally, as for our joint hopes for the future, when you asked me if I would take part in negotiations for a drama free future I told you honestly and directly that I would willingly participate. That was many, many weeks ago in I have heard nothing further from you so my guess was that "the opposition" was not willing to take part.

  10. Well to me, Bock you were applauding Save Me Oh´s attack on Gittrika and you call it a conversation. From my viewpoint however it is bullying due to the fact, and now i quote you:

    "In fact I have seen those claims made repeatedly by you and your fellow bullies but never ever has there been a single piece of evidence presented to support your claims. It´s all been innuendo and insinuations and snide remarks in group chat or comments."

    I dont consider you a bully, Bock and i share a lot of your views conserning bullying. It´s just that when (a handful of) people are in a conflict they often act and speak in affect and before thinking. And to magnify all what is said and done by calling them bullies in all kinds of blogs, wont do any good to anyone.
    The reason i adressed your blog is cause you and i have an ongoing and interesting discussion bout bullying and due to the simple fact that i like you as a person and your blog.
    When in comes to the negotiations in the swedish mess i have told both sides that im willing to help out if they are willing to set the past aside and talk about the future. On how to co- exist and prosper.

    Oh, the part with the A- and B- blogs are obviously another discussion one i dont get and dont want to be involved in ince im not a blogger myself:)

    Peace out

  11. Thanks for your clarification, Chaplin.

    I have as you say applauded the first post SaveMe did on her conversation, and I still think it is a conversation not an attack, where SaveMe confronted the opponent with questions on why she had bullied Tina and asking her to stop doing that.

    As you say I also made the comment you quote as an answer to another comment by someone (Gittrika I think). I do not share your opinion that that statement can be construed as bullying.

    As you must also have seen, I have at a later point - in comments on both my own blog and SaveMe´s - warned her of the possibility that a continuation could be perceived as is she was reverting to the same kind of behavior that we are accusing the bullies for.

    Perhaps the fact that I have raised the issue of the on-going bullying on my blog can be seen as magnifying the problem, but I could not live with the fact that I have noticed what was going on and did nothing to point out that I had noticed it for what it was by calling it by it´s true name.

    I like our discussions also Chaplin and the fact that even if we do not see eye-to-eye on everything we can still behave reasonably and without reverting to name calling. I have the utmost respect for you and your will to negotiate peace among us Swedes. As i have understood that many see me as part of the problem, even if I do not really see myself as involved, I have also agreed to take part in any negotiations and that will still remains.

    Take care!

  12. I just pass by sometimes with a mirror for you all to have a look at yourself. That's all as I have no idea what you are all fighting about and swedish is not a language that sounds different to me as the barking from the moose in the endless Swedish forests.
    When you all behave nice, the coming time, the mirror might move to another spot.

  13. I am sure we are all grateful for your assistance, SaveMe! ;)

  14. I hesitate to comment because this seems so incredibly inane. Ok, there I said it. I called it what it is. It's just enough. Please close down Swedish SL and go home.

  15. Haha Diana, no worries it is already imploding and full separation should be achieved within a few months.

    The reason for us Swedes seeking each other out in an unfamiliar surrounding to the extent that we do is of course that there are so few of us and we do not always feel comfortable always speaking a foreign language. Most of us know English of course, but we do not always feel relaxed when we speak it - and even less so when we have to write it.

  16. Yes, I understand. One of SL's strengths is it brings people together despite geographic and time constraints. SL Sweden has made additional and significant contributions to the understanding of Swedish culture as well. There are many reasons for it to continue.

    The problem is all these petty jealousies. I do not understand them. The behavior has reflected poorly on SL Sweden and tarnished its image. I was hopeful the mediation process would be successful. It seems the only healthy thing to do now is to close down SL Sweden.

    I do hope there is a future opportunity to recreate a SL Sweden that can contribute positively to the SL culture and experience. It is a shame to lose all the wonderful things about Swedish culture and to lose a place for Swedes to feel comfortable and at home in SL.

    I am really going to miss the St. Lucia's pagent.

  17. Well the Lucia pageant may very well continue, I will be willing to take part in that if we can pull enough people together.

    And dearest Diana, there are actually places that have been a form of safe havens during this ugly conflict.

    Just to mention two of the top of my head let me say Club Ormdricka run by Vampi Twine-DeSantis and her crew and Midnattsdotter Fride´s club.

    Sweden will still be present, but in another form.

  18. Hey now! Let´s not blow things out of proportions! We are talking about a conflict between a handful of people! And there hasn´t even existed an all Swedish sim since the days of Second Sweden.

    Take care and have fun!
    //Chaplin Early

  19. Well Chaplin, regarding your statement about an all Swedish sim I could mention at least 6 of those off the top of my head, among those my own sim Southern Charm and of of course the Swedish Embassy sim, Transparent Banshee has at least one sim (but I seem to remember two), Andromeda Island (well they have an English house cat bossing around as co-owner but he is almost a naturalized Swede by now) and the others that are streaming into my head I will not mention because I haven´t visited in a long time so I don´t know the current status of things.

    It is true that the conflict centers around five people (although one of them is Norwegian), but these people have friends and hangarounds so it is more widespread than that, as you should know.

    The core problem with the infighting of these five and their hangarounds is of course that they have all been active in the community building activities.

  20. Well Bock, the main problem, the way I see it is the lack of "in world" communication between people and that all conflicts gets blown out of proportions in the blogosphere. All of this only leads to assumptions, associations, groupings and insinuations instead of participation and tolerance. I´d say that the negativity and state of paranoia that the conflict is causing outside of second life is more widespread than the conflict in it self is "in world".

    I heve never lived on an all swedish sim, so I guess i´m not updated on the current second swedish demography, thank you for sharing :)

    Take Care!
    // Chaplin Early

  21. I am always happy to get your take on things, Chaplin!

    Peace out - as you would say ;)


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