Monday, November 21, 2011

Foggy Monday

"Serenity in the fog", photography by Gary Hamburgh
It´s Monday and I didn't sleep well last night. All weekend my head was bursting with images of the things I was going to create now that I had finally started building again in SecondLife. I also had some splendid ideas about future posts for the blog.

I woke up this morning - 35 minutes too late - and all the enthusiasm was gone. Instead I have spent the whole day trying to catch up with myself and my first life after spending last week mostly in meetings or conferences.

Luckily nothing too bad had been going on so by the end of the day I had finally gotten through all the mail and caught up with everything else, so tomorrow I can start afresh without any immediate deadlines or crisis's needing to be averted.

When I got home I was tired but restless and uninspired and cold. I tried taking a nap to refresh myself but couldn't sleep, so I feel foggy, dazed and cold. More or less like the photo by Gary Hamburg but not as beautiful.

I have been rereading Philip Rosedale´s statements in The New York Times interview that have caused such an uproar among residents and trying to fit them to my realities.

Before entering into SecondLife I can honestly say that I could sometimes be alone, but that was never a problem for me because I never ever felt lonely. There were always people at hand if and when I wanted them. Now there are days that I feel lonely even if I am not alone, no matter how many people I am surrounded by.

Ars and the rest of my onetime SecondLife family seem to somehow have changed my perceptions. In the light of Philips words this makes me feel warped and abandoned. I don´t know if I am making any sense at all and may very well remove this post later.

Whatever, tomorrow is another day, anything can happen!


  1. Hugs Buddy and yes, cliche as it is, tomorrow is another day. And yeah I used to feel that way on my own. Well things change, and with me you know the messy details :) As for a certain PR - bless 'im...

  2. nice blog..walking here with a smile. take care.. have a nice day ~ =D

    Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

  3. Hugs back, buddy! ;)

    Thanks for visiting, Mr. Lonely, and welcome back anytime!

  4. Sigh, I agree Bock. SL is so immersive and the people are so animated and engaging, it is a very different experience for me than RL. It is more difficult for me to be alone now as a result. Keep in mind I must always be objective and prudent - as well as circumspect in my conversations - in RL. So, RL can be a bit tedious and boring at times.

    The good news is researchers believe that by mid-century we will no longer be using computers. We will simply be chipped and move in and out of real and virtual reality throughout the day. While I have concerns regarding privacy and freedom of thought about such things, I am planning to hold out till they have a sparkly one that color coordinates with whatever I am wearing :)

  5. Well Diana, I totally agree - it is essential that we remember to always look our very best, no matter what... ;))


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