Tuesday, November 8, 2011

For Eddi´s Eyes Only - UPDATED

My friend Eddi Haskell asked for a picture of Anton Hyséns thighs. I tried my best but this guy covers his legs well, so this is the best I could do. Enjoy, Eddi!

And here is the bigger picture I snipped it from for the rest of you to look at.

Young Anton´s father, renowned soccer player Glenn Hysén, wasn't as bashful when he was young as you can see in this picture! Glenn has been - and still is - a heartthrob for many women and men in Sweden the last 30 years. Big thanks to my friend Kandinsky for supplying me with this picture!

At the Stockholm Pride 2007, Glenn delivered a speech denouncing sports homophobia and laid to rest an incident at an airport in 2001 where he had beaten a man for groping him in the restroom. He stated that, "I know that many LGBT people have been the victims of assaults and hate crimes. I can therefore understand if some people have been upset by the airport incident, so I want to be clear: I think that it is completely unacceptable that anybody should be subjected to assaults, insults or hate crimes due to their sexual orientation or gender identity,...The incident had been blown out of proportion in the media...In order to finally flush the Frankfurt Airport punch down the toilet: it is not the case that I beat up a gay person. I categorically deny that,...I'm not proud that I took a swing at him, but I am proud that I have integrity and that I reacted."

In the same speech he asked "How easy would it be for a sixteen-year-old boy who plays football to come out as gay to his team mates?"  In March 2011 his younger son, Anton, a professional footballer himself, came out of the closet to the media.

P.S. Oh Eddi, Kandinsky wants me to inform you to ask her for pictures next time!


  1. LOL Hot! He needs to use a hair trimmer a bit but not bad! I would not pass him up!


  2. Awww I have fatherly (or big brotherly) feelings for the lad and thinks he looks cute with that bushy hair on his lower belly!


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