Saturday, December 10, 2011

...But For the Grace of My Alarm Clock

Photo by Kurney Ramsey
I just woke up from a terrible nightmare.

In my dream I was travelling by bus somewhere in the middle of the night and had been sleeping on some seats in the back of the bus. As I slowly wake up and am still dazed I hear a woman making comments about an erection that she has liked the look off. She keeps on talking about it.

After a few minutes I am awake enough to start looking around the bus to try and catch a glimpse of the lauded member and it´s patron. To my astonishment I discovered that the woman and I are alone on the bus. It is then I realize that she has been talking to me about my member. I feel myself blush intensely.

I do my best to ignore her and push the Stop-button to get off at the next bus stop. "OK", I hear her say, "Good idea, but no need to push the button because it is the end of the line!".

The bus soon comes to a stop by an immense, pitch dark, parking lot that is only lit up by a few strong lights. It is still in the middle of the night so the parking lot is deserted but I see a few houses vaguely on the other side. As I hurriedly rush off the bus I hear her say, "Do you want to come to my place or should we do it here?"

I rush/run away as fast as I can and I hear her running after me. Even in her heels she is running faster than I am and is slowly, little-by-little, gaining in on me. I curse my smoking habits and try to increase the distance again but feel this is a race I will surely lose. She is going to have me...

Then the blessed alarm goes off, and I wake up in a cold sweat.

As I think of my nightmare now I am struck by my uncharacteristic behavior.

Why didn't I just speak up and tell her to zip up because I was not interested?
Why did I start running? She was a woman and not a large one either. I could certainly have warded her off to protect my dick and myself.
Why did I in my dream so clearly place myself in the role and actions of a defenseless victim?
What would have been so totally terrible about having my little dickie munched on by a woman that I ended up in this frenzy?
Am I going bisexual or - may the Gods save me from that horrible fate - even heterosexual?


  1. "Sexually flexible" is the politically correct term.
    Double your chance´s :)

  2. Ewwww that sounds simply slutty and I am a good boy ;)

  3. It is good to know I have someone to defend my virtue and homosexual identity, bro! ;)


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