Saturday, December 24, 2011

Top Ten Reasons For Being A Male Avatar

10. If or when you get bored you can always log off
9. No housekeeping required
8. Clothes never get dirty, except if you want them to
7. Flying skills without tedious lessons
6. Teleportation, you can be anywhere you want in less than 30 seconds
5. There is always a party going on somewhere (the trouble is only to find it)
4. You look stunning even when you feel lousy
3. Your body is always in perfect shape
2. The size of your c**k always suits your own self image

and finally

1. No annoying nasal hair


  1. If you change "your" to "their" in paragraph 2 it works for women to! :)
    PS It´s something wrong with your Neocounter - it disturbs the pointer of my Mac.

  2. Ewwwwwwwww Sjöfn, you have annoying nasal hais also?

    There is nothing wrong with the Neocounter, it turns your pointer into a hand so that you will click it and go to the website and order your own.

  3. Maybee my level of being anoying is a lot lower the yours.
    But it does not turn my pionter back to normal after passing over Neocounter.
    Why would I have a Neocounter of my own? Pay money for something Google Analytics give me for free?.
    Bye the way, we found a way to block those things. Do you find "Marstrand Sweden Dec 25 22.44 CET"? If not it´s junk.

  4. There must be something wrong with your Macs-programming then, because for me the pointer turns back to its ordinary look after passing over NeoCounder. ;)

    I did not tell you to get a Neocounter, it´s just what the NeoCounter people have programmed into it.

    You can block anything you like on my blog, I have said so already at the bottom of the page in the section about cookies. This blog does not attempt to identify any individual visitors activity on the blog.

    As I say there also, "Finally this blog uses the NeoCounter just because it looks good and shows my visitors what countries other visitors are from."

    What you see in the NeoCounter is what I get too. no more and no less. I could ofcourse set it to other options but have chosen not to precisely because Google Stats give me as much information as I need or want.


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