Sunday, December 4, 2011


W   A   N   T   E   D
Dead or alive - preferably alive
Ms. Tina Dahl
a.k.a. PetGirl Bergman,
la concierge à l'Ambassade de Suède dans Second Life
 etc. etc.

For Crimes Against Humanity
For Running Away With The Swedish Embassy Lucia Pageant
several other heinous crimes, including but not restricted to,
lewd, lascivious and salacious behavior in public places

If you have any relevant information about this woman
or her whereabouts in the last week
please contact the McMillan Household a.s.a.p.
by e-mail The McMillan Household.

Please be aware that this woman should be considered 
Armed and Dangerous
with intelligence, a bizarre sense of humor and a sharp tongue
Do not approach or contact her!

L$ 5 000 - alive
L$ 50 - dead
(if information is received prior to December 13th 2011)
Please note! Do not send us any body parts.


  1. When I talked to Nadine at Blacklist the other day we had a little talk about this fugitive woman..

    Apmel Ibbetson: i call her my friend for second life
    Apmel Ibbetson: but she hardly logs in anymore
    Nadine Nozaki: It's a shame, she's a nice girl
    Nadine Nozaki: I have not seen her in ages :(
    Apmel Ibbetson: maybe she will bounche back..hope so
    Nadine Nozaki: One should go and hug her

  2. Sheriff Bock has loaded his pistol with fun-fun-bullets instead of dum-dum-bullets ... but there is still a drawn weapon ;)

  3. She did log on yesterday and was seen at a famous shoeshop..I sent her the LM so this is correct info

  4. I did talk to her today and yes we did talk about Lucia too and no shes not doing any this year. BUT she is alive and goes under the display name Tina PG now :)im hoping to see her tonight at OD 3 years party...and you too ofcourse:)

  5. I am sooooo relieved to hear she is still with us, but for the rest of the news I have only this to say...

    Wha.., wha.., wha.., WHAT no Lucia? Is the girl crazy? What will the world think? If she doesn't get her act together until I come back from Stockholm on Tuesday I will start announcing that I will walk the walk of Swedish Honor myself - and alone if need be - on Tuesday December 13th, 2011, at 11 AM and 1 PM for all those who wish to see Lucio instead of Lucia!

    I will sing in voice, so you better have voice turned off if you wish to survive!

  6. As for OD´s third anniversary party, Vampi dearest, I have a membership meeting to attend at Second Pride at 11 AM but after that I will make sure to come around!

  7. Asked her if she knows if there would be any kind of Lucia-celebrations at the Embassy and I got the impression that I should travel to a warmer place. (Maybee I was to sensitive that day?)
    But I did just that. I write this in the lounge of Stena Scandinavia in port in Kiel Germany. Temp +5° compared with +4° at home in Gothenburg area. :)

  8. Love to see you Bock as a Lucia with candles in your hair.
    I would be a great effort for gender equality. With picture evidence, you will receive "honorary shield maiden" and get right to wear the gothian sword with a skirt or kilt.
    Also written in the lounge of Stena Scandinavia in port in Kiel Germany.

  9. Haha you two, start talking with each other and don´t waste time reading my blog!

    I will be a LuciO, Sjöfn, not a LuciA, so I will not be entitled to the honorary title I am afraid.

  10. Nu tar du allt i Vanadis.

    Jo jag har köpt skor (igen)

    Bock blir söt som Lucia.

    Och jag ser framemot de 5.000 LD för jag hittade - mig själv:-)

    Kramix /Tina

    INFO om var man får tag i bra Lucia-saker finns nu på min blogg i ett EXTRA -inlägg:

  11. We talked a lot with each other! -Had just half an hour over, nothing on the ferry open until it leave port. :)

  12. Det kanske jag gör, jag kan ha varit extra känslig den dagen men det kanske kan vara så att du behöver tänka lite på hur du formulerar dig. Skrift är bara 30% av mänsklig kommunikation och kan lätt tolkas på ej avsett sätt./Maybe I do, I may have been extra sensitive that day, but it might be that you need to think a bit about how you express yourself. Writing is only 30% of human communication and can be easily be interpreted not intended way.


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