Sunday, January 1, 2012

Did You Know Ars Northmead?

I am in total shock at the moment. An infamous Swedish SecondLife-blogger has today had the shameful audacity to draw into question whether or not my beautiful Ars has ever existed as a person or avatar in his own right.

She indeed outright implies that the avatar Ars Northmead is/was one of my alts and also maintains that my mourning for him is a role-play created in my deviant imagination. She also thinks my timetable for mourning deviates from her ideal.

I would therefor ask that all those of you who may have known Ars Northmead come forward and attest to his existence as a person in his own right and that he is not an alt of mine.

If you feel you can do this, please attest to those facts in the comments. Should you know of others who could bear witness to this, please ask them to sign in also.

This has gone too far


  1. This is a disgrace. I knew Ars as my old avi persona Rhett Whybrow and he did exist and was a very separate entity from Bock.
    Throws a drink in that bloggers face and gives her a bitch slap to warm up her left ear...

  2. I knew Ars very well, he was a brother to me and we spoke in SL almost every day from the time we met in the summer of 2007 until he had to leave SL in January 2010. We also worked together in at least 5 different clubs during that time (Ars as a DJ, me as host/manager). I knew his voice and can still hear it in my head, as well as his amazing laugh. We even spoke on the phone a couple of times. I have also spoken to Bock on Skype and I can assure everyone that they were never the same person.

    I don't know who this woman is, but it's very sad that she is devoting her time and using her blog to smear the memory of a man who DIED almost 2 years ago. She has no shame.

    I spent months mourning Ars, and in some ways I'm still not over the loss of him. In some ways I never will get over that loss. And I remember the hell that Bock went through after Ars died trying not to lose the sim that they both shared for the last couple of years of Ars' life. No one would put themselves through all of that in order to "fake" an alt.

    A good man - a good friend - is gone forever. If this woman cannot understand how that hurts, then I feel sorry for her.

    Dejerrity Mycron

  3. I had the honour to meet Ars. As real as I am

  4. Ars had a southern accent. He was from Arkansas in the US. Bock is Swedish, LOL!

  5. Well Ars was DJ at Tina's 5 year rezzparty in Apmel's Tango Bar just weeks before he died. I remember you Bock and him being among the very last guests that left that evening. It was VERY obvious that you two did not have the same primatar and I was very shocked to hear about his death.

  6. Ars was definately totally real. An individual in his own right.
    How cruel can this Bloggar be to imply such nonsense.
    @ The Blogger..>>Please , if you are going to Blog, at least have the decencey to write about things you actually know about....instead of trying to drag peoples good name through the dirt ...

  7. I known Ars too :) and heard him several times in voice when he DJ .
    Kramar Kat

  8. I knew Ars and worked for him in SL for years, talked to him in voice while he was with Bock...It is ridiculous and incredibly ill informed to make these allegations. I also have spoken to Ars RL family members before during and after the memorial service we had for him in SL. I think that they could tell the difference between their deceased loved one, and RL Bock. Go peddle your deceit elsewhere, witch!
    Jeb Nicholls

  9. Conocí a Ars,y a muchos de sus amigos.Fué un grupo de 12 DJ del Mundo,coincidimos alguna vez,y charlamos,siempre con inteligentes diálogos,y hasta con Bock,lo acompañe,en su terrible pérdida.És realmente triste y emocionante a la vez,que en un juego que teóricamente es para evadirse,y huir de la realidad,,mas de 75 avatares llegaron a reunirse en su despedida,,,No hay dia que pasa ,que de una manera u otra,,,encuentro a faltar a Ars,Siempre se comportó conmigo ,como nadie lo hizo,me aceptó y compartiamos soles.
    No entiendo por qué esa mujer sin conocerlo,pueda llegar a opinar,ya que si lo hubiera conocido,no estaríamos hablando de ella.Y cuando veo a Bock en linea,,,no puedo dejar de saludarlo,,Realmente hacian muy buena pareja.Gracias Bock por responderme siempre.

  10. im disgusted in the woman who claims ars was not real person , he was definately real such a quiet caring man , it was so sad that he died ,he was loved by many . can remember me and rocket attending his funeral , bock was so brave , he even asked his rl family to the sl funeral for him . never forget that day it was very heart breaking for us all touched so many hearts , but most of all his rl family and the most loved bock . so please if you are the one who is accusing woman please leave alone just get on with your life and leave others to get on with theres all i can say is your a very cruel evil woman. sorry to bock for saying this but someone had to. big tight hugs bock xxxx

  11. Y otra cosa,Ars era mayor que bock......asi que señora..lo mejor que puede hacer És Disculparse.
    Y no volver a nombrar a ArS Northmead ni a Bock McMillan.Por favor

  12. An outright disgrace to even imply that Ars never was!!! Bock we KNOW!!! i dont have words for how i feel right now...well i do but im going to keep that to myself "*******" is not worth it

  13. I met Ars in 2007. He was not your alt. His conversation pattern, interests, and mannerisms are completely different then yours, and it is obvious you are not the same person. Enough said.

  14. Jerrod RodenbergerSun Jan 01, 09:55:00 AM PST

    Both Bock and Ars were instrumental in helping me feel welcome and inclusive to SL when I was a noob in 2007. However, having voiced with Ars with his Southern accent and hearing him DJ, plus knowing real life details of both Ars and Bock the notion of the two of them being one and the same person is preposterous. Ars gave the last moments of his life in devotion to greater causes than himself. The light of truth comes from a higher authority and Ars will always remain a part of that beacon. Love and thoughts with you sweet Bock.

  15. Bock I am so sad to read this...........Your big love, your best friend, i know you supported his family..the day Ars diead.
    I write some on my blog, ha have to.hugs Bock

    Ewa Aska

  16. Ars a very good friend, and a excellent DJ for Ark. I know for a fact he is not your alt Bock. I knew him before you two were together. Tadd

  17. Arcangelo HellmannSun Jan 01, 10:22:00 AM PST

    It is pathetic for anyone to do something of this calibre. It spits on the soul of a fine individual and refutes the countless memories of those who remember him and still cherish the times spent in the man's company. It's easy to ignore the rantings of a despicable person, but in this instance it deserves comment. The silly girl is wrong and she know it loud and clear. Thank you Bock for bringing this forward. You are a good man and don't deserve this.

  18. Hiya, this is Bora Rossini ....

    WHAT THE HELL is going on in that sorry excuse of a human kind trying to ruin our memory or even bring it up ? We all, that we had the honour to get to know Ars, loved him. As some of the posters stated here already. he was unique. One of a kind.

    WOMAN, get a f*beep*ng life and leave us alone. We dont need some *beeep* coming up with some rotten *beeep*, spreading her shit over us. F*beep* you big time, b*beep*tch.

  19. Hi Bock, I am so so sorry this is happening to you. I only met Ars once so I can't really say I knew him but I wish I had. I know you loved him very much and have had a hard time dealing with his loss. I know for a fact you can get real close with someone you meet online, in love or in friendship, it feels the same as in RL.So the feeling of loss is just the same. It never once crossed my mind Ars would be your alt and the person claiming this, must be either sick or is real mean and out to hurt you.Shame on her!!!!
    Try not to let this get too much to you Bock.
    hugs and love, Suteruni

  20. I still miss Ars.. I still ache for Bock, as they were so close. I can remember Ars as if it were just yesterday that he stood with Bock at my Sunset Jazz Club, where they were regular guests.

  21. We had the pleasure of having Ars dj ing at our 3 anniversary party -same day and time as Apmel referrs to .(it was PGs 5 years rez day too same place.Ars voiced ,he had a lovely voice.

    That same night he got ill and most chockingly passed away shortly after.His RL sister from USA attnded the funeral in SL as we did and lots and lots of others that wanted to show Bock our deepenst condolances and Ars our respekt.
    I say only SHAME ON YOU,now ypu put your fott in the wrong place- AND SHUT UP!!


  22. Not only did I know Ars Northmead, I had the great privilege of being his SL son. I still miss him every day...

    To deny his existence is outright ridiculous.

    To the person who wrote the nonsense... You are one sad human being!

    To dearest Bock... Ars will never be forgotten.

  23. BIL... I felt I had to come here and write (adressing to) this person some words, excuse me if someone find it ofensive, but:


    That it, this is so pathetic gets me on my nerves

    Love you Bock!

  24. min sota van.. first and foremost Ars was indeed a sweet, funny, silly, special man. secondly, why would any one imply otherwise? is their life so small that they have to seek joy in spreading lies and cruelty? very sad. love you b :) revel in the truth, ignore the gossip.

  25. WTF,,,,Ars Was a Great man Always Kind and loved to have a good time...i heard him many many times on voice!! Shame on anyone that would say such trash! i agree with my brother Andrey...Get a Life Bitch...The End! Loves ya Bock.........Ciroc Jennings <3

  26. I am among the ones that only met Ars once and that was also at Tina´s 5th rez-day in Apmels tangobar, which now stands in my parcel.
    That was, as said before on these comments, shortly before he fell seriously ill.

    I was focused on his arrival because I was a bit curious about Bocks´s love so my memory is strong. I remember that Ars was a little late, and I remember Bocks happiness when he arrived.

    There is no doubt that Ars was a person in his own right and however sad it is for Bock and everybody that loved him that he passed away, they seem lucky to have been close to him as he obviously was a very lovely character.

    To even start argumenting in the way this blogger has done has nothing to do with grown-up, decent behaviour.

  27. Don't spend too much time thinking about this Bock.. Those who know know.

    Those that choose to live lives of make believe and conspiracy wouldn't believe even if they shook your hand at Ars grave site.

    Feel sorry for the emptiness of their lives.


  28. Hi Bock my dear friend, I get very upset about this, I know for sure that Ars was a great person, with a bright personality, kind, and funny. I never forget his funeral, and if I remember right even some of his rl family was present, it was a memorable cerenomy, sad and so honorable. I am sorry you have to go through this, that blogger must be a very unhappy and bitter person, do not waste any more time on this, we all know the truth, lots of love, Charlotte

  29. this is so perverse it's insane! I knew Ars very well and spoke to him (by phone a lot. I also knew his RL name, address, etc...

    I was actually responsible for his front door being broken by emergency authorities (one time he had been sick for a couple of days)

    As the person who introduced them to each other I find the suggestion that Ars was an alt of Bock's hilarious...

    still miss him heaps too

  30. Bock, I remember that monday Dec 3 2009, when you and Ars came to Måndagsbörsen. It was a Camping/Outdoor event. Both of you had put an great effort on the outfit. You were awesome:)
    And I attended the Memorial.
    He wasnt an alt, he was your Husband.


  31. I knew Ars...and remember him as a warm, considerate, and loving guy. I have also known Bock. Any suggestion that they are one in the same is bullshit!!!
    The problem with blogs in general...anyone can say anything regardless of the truth...creating drama out of thin air.

  32. Ars is no alt of anyone's, and no one is masquerading as Ars now that he is gone. That would be implausible. To imagine anyone could RP a persona as vivid as Ars into existence is beyond belief. He co-led Sarco sound, is well documented as one of the top DJs ever in SL and brought tremendous theatrical flair to everything he did. He spoke with an Arkansas accent and was culturally southern with little, if anything, in common with Nordic cultural norms. It is absurd to think Bock could possibly impersonate Ars when instead he respects his memory profoundly. One might invite Bock's would-be critics to attend more carefully to Ars's singular achievements and Bock's conscientiousness in keeping the memory of Ars alive.

  33. What the..? Ars was real. How can anyone even come up with accusations like that in the first place let alone publishing it in a comment like that? Personally I didn't KNOW him, though. I only met him a couple of times through you Bock, but I testify that he was as real as anyone else of us.

    Geez... people these days.

    I promised myself to never read the (Swedish) blogs about SL again, but this was just way over the top so I had to comment on this.

    Thanks for the nc, dear Bock.

    //Frostland (Forgot my pw to my google profile. Sorry about the anonymity thingie)

  34. I knew Ars before I knew Bock, but came across Bock before he and Ars were together. After they got together they were together for a long time before Ars was seriously ill. If it was a plan to get sympathy, it seems a strangely long-winded way to go about it.
    Ars was a great DJ (although I hated his laugh) and popular with it. He put a lot of energy and soul into his sets and, were they alts, I don't think Bock would have been able to stay away from that just to gain fake sympathy (doesn't gel with either of their personalities).
    Most importantly, Guyke Lundquist was a great friend of mine. He spent hours at home with Ars and Bock and on occasion I joined them. During this time, there was no suggestion whatsoever that the 2 could be the same person. Guyke never picked up on any oddness, neither did I, and both of them appeared to be able to walk and speak independently of each other.

  35. Otroligt lågt och oproffsigt att komma med sådana (osanna och ounderbyggda) påståenden.

    Säger mer om den som skrivit dem än andra.

    Allt annat är skrivet och uttalat så jag behöver inte skriva mer.

    Ta väl hand om dig vännen och fortsätt vara du. Du tillför och behövs. Ett fåtal andra i Svenska Second Life - inga namn - gör det inte - de lever på att sprida skit, förtal o lögner.

    Kramix/Tina (PG)

  36. All my support to you Bock! Shocked me heard someone ever could come up with accusations like this. Bock, it hurts my heart this would ever happen to you.
    Många varma kramar

  37. Alex MacGillivry Said...

    ok, so Sarco was only partially responsible for having his door busted open when he thought Ars was chocking. Being in the States I got to convince EMS to go deal with it. I had the man's RL name and address, which I immediately after got rid of. Ars had his dad over to help fix the door.

    He was a real person. The EMS really did go to his house and he really did have to fix his front door.

    I like to think he forgave me, but Sarco made me do it. :p

    He was fun when he was feeling good. It was obvious he cared deeply for Bock.

    So, you sick, twisted gobshite, whoever you are, go get twisted.

    Bock, you're a great guy. You deserve far better than this. As I mourn the recent loss of my RL partner I can imagine the pain of something like this. There were a lot of inappropriate questions asked at the wake. Be strong. You're in my thoughts and prayers.

    Alex MacGillivry Munro

    Sorry about the 'anonymous' catagory, I didn't know what the other choices meant.

  38. Oh Bock, I don't visit your blog very often as I'm not on SL anymore but during my brief time on SL, my whole experience seemed to revolve around you and Ars. The three of us dancing away till you had to go bed due to the time difference and then Ars and I continuing dancing and talking for hours more. I don't know who this person is or why they have a stick up their ass sideways but suggest you give it a good kick to make sure it stays stuck up there. xox Kenton Deed

  39. Bitchslappin is fun, isn't it? Lolz. Check out this video from Canadian comedian Josh Rimer which I found on YouTube!

  40. Ars was a very dear person and friend to me and the thoughts of somone saying these things offend me to the very core of my existence!!! Bock i'm so sorry that you have to go thru this but know i'm with you totally. Elorian scarbridge friend forever

  41. Logged in for the first time since the new year to pay my land rent and saw this notecard from Bock so Here I am.

    As a former employer of Ars and an avid fan of his for years in SL. I can attest that he was not an alt of Bock's. I have also been a friend of Bock's his grief was very real. The death of Ars hit many people very hard and we all mourned him and still miss him dearly.

    I am sorry that our dear friend Bock as to put up with these idiot people who know nothing and just do not care about dredging up these feelings.

    So who ever this scank is putting this crap out into the world needs to get a life and stay out of other people affairs.

  42. dear bro!

    what a shock to hear what that person mentions about ars and you! i am still lost in words about such a effrontery! everybody who knew ars and has him in his heart forever knows and will always state that ARS HAS NEVER BEEN AN ALT!

    keep your head up high, bro - and give a shit about comments like the ones from that foolish girl who doesn't have a clue. hugs, bro! love ya!


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