Sunday, February 5, 2012


My head is thumping, my ears are burning and my feet are killing me from all the dancing and music yesterday. Add to that that my cute derriere and my other not-so-cute appendages are still freezing from the breezes of going "au naturel" yesterday and you will understand my need to recharge the batteries for the upcoming party at Solace Island tonight.

While I lay there resting on the lounge chair Bora Rossini gave me for Christmas, my thoughts started wandering about the party yesterday and the one tonight.

"I wonder what I should wear? Well, Apmel and Kandinsky have never been fussy about clothing so I am sure I will work that out before 1 PM. Damn it, I should have checked the pictures I took of Vampi, Gittrika and Mid yesterday. I know the cat is always all over Vampi and of course he had to come in the way all the time yesterday and the other two being partly grey was not pretty. But sirhc did look truly amazing in the tartans and I can never stay angry with him for long anyway. Ziga was delicious, you can always see that she and Em have a very sure taste for fashion. Hmmm this Einfach DJ-person could he be the same guy I made a translation from English to Swedish for a video back in 2007? I don´t think that Einfach was a DJ though..., well I never really knew him/her so who knows. I hope Millimina will come to the party today, I really missed her yesterday but first life must be given priority sometimes, yeah sometimes but this is her home sim so she will probably be there. Who was that cute stranger yesterday, I wonder? Even if he looked very much on the young side and only stood there in the doorway watching the whole party. Probably a noob, but there are some nice noobs. Well, most likely straight then, so don´t think more of him. Now thinking about cute guys, I wonder where Frostland was yesterday? Svessa was looking wonderful though, but then she has always been one of the most beautiful female avatars. And Vira, that was an eyeopener, so sexy in that see-through dress. I always thought she was the very "hel-ylle" (all wool, I have no good translation for it) kind, but yesterday she was amazing. Iendi was so beautiful too and she actually talked to me a little, that was kind of her. Apollon, well he always looked better than most straight male avatars. One does notice which of those that give a damn about their looks, and he has always been sweet. I like the guy. And remember NEO, I am actually starting to love his pale skin and advanced hairdos, and he does work hard promoting SecondLife in first life. Hey time for you to go get a short nap, the party at Solace Island goes on until midnight and its a workday tomorrow..."

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