Monday, February 6, 2012

My Soul is Intact

I and my beloved vampire
If you are a vampire in SecondLife, I guess it can sometimes be as difficult to admit to that to close family members - and the rest of the world - as it can be to come out as gay. Well yesterday one of my beloved family members told me he had recently become a vampire and had allowed himself to be bitten. It was a surprising revelation indeed and I did not see it coming.

In instant message my family member only told me that he had something he would like to talk with me about and could we please meet for a hug and a talk before I went to the party at Solace Island. I said of course he was welcome over. After the welcome hug, we talked on a bit about this and that and then he cautiously told me the news. 

Since rather early on in my second life I have had contact with many vampires. Those were the rogue kind who just wanted to pounce me and sink their teeth into my delicious neck to take my soul. These constant, tiresome, attacks made me put on a garlic necklace because I was fed up with their unwanted attention. 

I and Ars have also had close friends to the family, like Yannis Martynov and his beautiful wife Orchid Arado, who were kind, respectful and dignified vampires. My family vampires coming out surprised me a bit, I must admit, but changed nothing for me in our relationship. I know from earlier that although his soul may now be lost, his heart will always be pure gold. 

As I had always wondered if the garlic treatment had really worked or if I had just been lucky after using the necklace, I asked my vampire about it. He showed me this message from his vampire-HUD:

[11:46] HUD [Thirst::Bloodlines] 3.4: Bock McMillan has worn the garlic necklace, please don't disturb them.

I was really happy that I finally got some proof that the treatment had actually worked. I then continued to ask him if he could possibly see if I still had my soul intact or if it had been taken by one of the early attacks.

My beloved family member told me that he cannot send requests at all when someone has worn the necklace. And as the HUD still told him I was protected I still had my soul, if my soul had been taken earlier the garlic treatment would not work to protect me.

So there you see, I have proof that my soul is intact. How many can say that? 

And if you are mean to me, beware! I now have a vampire who loves me and will bite you if you don´t behave.

(I have not revealed my family member by name here because I firmly believe it is up to him to decide when he comes out and to whom.)


  1. my soul is also intact (wore the garlic necklace years ago), BUT i get angry IMs from some vampires that notice that ha have the protection - yelling at me you as a vampire shouldnt blahblahblah... according to them i AM a vampire just cos my name and i have explained to some of them but now i just mute them... they dont WANT to understand! have no problem with vampires at all if they behave and dont go trying to bite everyone left and right:) as we say on OD "you bite I ban"

  2. Haha you seem to have met a few of the the same rogue vampires as I did early on. Bastards, nothing like the good vampires! ;)


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