Saturday, February 4, 2012

SEMA 2011 - Oh What A Party

Finally the long awaited evening arrived. As an old hand in SecondLife I arrived early at the venue, The Fallen Gods Club at Yadkin. I have missed to many events before by not getting my ass on the sim in time.
The laird resting before the party stasrts
Once I was safely there I could take a smoke, eat a little and prepare for the party to start.

Oh what a great party it was! All the men were stunningly beautiful and the women looked reasonably OK too, even if some of them were showing a lot of their legs and boo.. uhmmm lets say chests.
Apollon Allen, DJ and one of the organizers
Emarald Harvey (in the background) with his partner Zigadena Gabardini 
Iendi Laville
Svessa Hax

My Sergeant at Arms sirhc DeSantis-McMillan
Vira Broome, one of the organizers
Blanche Argus, cbreak, Apmel Ibbetson and Kandinsky Beaumont
Chaplin Early and his partner Stella Guardian, Aake Roffo in the background
Some cute stranger
NE0 Timeless, one of the organizers

I had a wonderful evening and an unexpectedly great time, most people actually spoke with me. It was good to be able to in some little way show my appreciation of the hard work the event makers do for us. All in all I had a splendid time with no bad lag surprisingly because avatars were crashing left and right.

I would like to finish by once again thanking Apollon Allen, Vira Broome and NE0 Timeless for giving me this opportunity to extend my thanks to the event makers. I know I didn´t get all of them on my camera, for which I especially apologize to Vampi Twine-DeSantis-McMillan-McMillan (honorary and through handfasting), Midnattsdotter Fride and Gittrika Mint. All three of you looked wonderful, but my pictures of you were ugly and not publishable,

I just noticed that my bosom buddy Apmel Goosson has also been working hard and has already published his great pictures from the event here (url).

Even more pictures from the event at Blanche Argus blog now (url) and on Ewa Aska´s blog.

Oh, I forgot, the evening actually ended very well when Blanche Argus finally found the humongous and  enormous tip jar for the event makers.

I understand her completely because I have been there myself countless times! Sometimes tip jars are just too big to notice, one cams above, around, behind and under them... I cannot remember all the times that Guyke, Ars or some other friendly soul has had to drag me in front of them for me to see them.


  1. Fantastic pictures! I will link to this from my blog right away. You must have a very expensive camera Bock buddy!

    1. I loved yours equally Apmel, and have linked back to them ;)

  2. Hahaha .. ja, ibland är det svårt :)


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