Saturday, March 10, 2012

“Being crazy isn't enough”

Joetonight dressed in lightning
The quote in the title is by Dr. Seuss, and sometimes I think that may be true. Other times I, like Albert Einstein, ask myself  "Am I or are the others crazy?”

I think I may be hanging with a beautiful yet crazy crowd of people. 

First there is the sweet Millimina Salamander, who every time I happen to mention I  am going to log off starts talking with me frantically to keep me there, while when she herself wishes to do the same she just says good night and exits promptly thereafter within 10 seconds flat. Tonight it actually took me 6,5 minutes before she acknowledged my good night and let me log-off. 

Then we have Joetonight Starship, with whom I seem to have a mental connection, because whenever I think of logging off Joe sends me an IM inviting me to a cool party with him and his hubby Dalimar. Every time when I tell him the party starts at 3 AM in the morning for me and that I am sorry that I cannot come, he at least wants me to see his cool costume for the occasion. Usually something half naked - we gay men like to show skin.

Lastly we have the sexy stud Butch Diavolo, who knows very well that I am worthless at multitasking, but still insists on saying his goodbyes when I am chatting with someone else and goes POOF within 5 seconds after his "Slaap lekker".

If I didn't love them all so much I would perhaps start looking for a slower crowd that lets me set the pace, but then again I think I may be bored stiff if I did. 

I am happy to have these wonderful people in my SecondLife although they sometimes drive me crazy.


  1. Bock! I am really not that naked = that outit had more attachments than a top of the line vaccuum cleaner. Smiles. One day you will get to one of our parties. Love, Joetonight, of course.

    1. Haha Well Joe, I admit that I sometimes have a minor tendency to exaggerate some things...

      I am so looking forward to be able to come to one of your and Dalimars parties! ;)


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