Friday, March 23, 2012

External Memories

Hermione Gingold & Maurice Chevallier from "Gigi" (1958)

I am always certain that I remember correctly, but from time to time I realize that my memory has a will of its own.and what I remember in hindsight may not be what actually happened. It as is at times like these that I heavily rely on people around me - in both my lives - to inform me of what really occurred when it occurred, who where there etc.,etc.

In my SecondLife I rely mainly on four people to work as my "external memories", these are in the order they appeared in my SecondLife Sarco Halderman, D R E Y, Millimina Salamander and Diana Gilderoy. They do not always have to give me very many clues or set me straight on something before the true memory comes to me, but my mind simply needs those inputs to start delving in the right places.

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