Thursday, April 5, 2012

At "The Viking Gods"

Yesterday was the all-worlds premiere of the music and dance show "The Viking Gods", written, produced, directed and starred by Ewa Aska, owner of the Gimle Theater on Yadkin sim. As you may have noticed I was asked to co-host the event with the amazing Svessa Hax-Beornsen.
To prevent lag the number of avatars on the sim was limited to 40 guests and the production team of ten avatars, including your truly and my wife-for-a-day Iendi Laville. As I was extremely busy with my chores before and during the show I did not have much time for taking pictures. I had also been assigned the arduous task of keeping a close eye on the honored guest Apmel Goosson, to see to it that he kept his clothes on. My burden was lightened a bit by the presence of Millimina Salamander during the greater part of the show (because Apmel usually behaves when my sister is around).
All the Swedish and International glitterati had squeezed into the sim, among them junivers Stockholm and his sweet partner Medora Chevallier.
Millimina and Apmel (with clothes)
After the show I was able to take some pictures while Apollon Allen supplied us with music for the dances.
Svessa and I
The ex-missus Iendi and I


  1. aaa......yeaaa nice article Bock. And TY for a wonderful work.

    If it would be as you get divorced, so there I am smile ... just in case ... I mean.
    I have no wool-socks at night as a certain person has!

    Hugs from
    Ewa Aska

    1. How did you know I wear them at night??

    2. Thank you for asking me, Ewa! Sorry to say I am now so disappointed in women I do not think I will go back into that dark alley ever again... ;)

      ...and I can testify to the truth, Iendi wears large wool socks in bed! So NOT sexy, huh?


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