Saturday, April 28, 2012

Blue & Non-Blue

Did you know that you have blue USB ports and non-blue USB ports on your computer?

Well, I didn't until today. I have wasted most of my day trying to reach my Internet bank and have been told that I do not have the correct card holder. This problem seemed to be known to my bank and there were instructions about how I should handle it. I followed the instructions meticulously and to the letter and still got the same error message "Incorrect card holder".

After removing and re-installing the shitty programs 15-20 times and a nap to release my frustration, I finally caved in and called customer support.

The friendly guy on the other end first tried to take me through the steps that were published on the banks website, I snapped at him that I had already done those steps 200 times (mildly exaggerating) and they did not help me.

He then asked me if I had a new computer, which I answered in the affirmative. He then went on to ask me if the USB port I was using was blue. The question amazed me because I thought a USB port is a USB port is a USB port. Apparently that is no longer true, there are now blue USB ports and non-blue USB ports, and I needed a non-blue one for my banking card holder.

When I found a non-blue port on the back of my computer everything worked fine. I thought I heard a silent giggle when I hung up after thanking the support guy.

The call with customer support lasted about five (5) minutes, I am considering suing my bank for the mental pain and distress and emotional anguish they made me suffer and the time wasted for not informing me about the blue and non-blue USB ports on their website. (No not really... I hate those frivolous and costly lawsuits, but I will make sure to send them a not so sweet e-mail about it.)


  1. Blue is just a "faster" USB 3. There is nothing about the color blue that makes a port into 3.0. It is a common standard that USB ports are colored blue to distinguish them from USB 2.0 since they look the same. Mine are all the same colour but my comp is old hehe. banks still use 2.0(non blue) i guess cos most ppl dont have USB 3(blue) yet. just admit it bock your comp is too new hihihi

  2. Thanks for informing me about this, Chief Technical Officer Mrs. Vampi Twine-DeSantis-McMillan-McMillan (honorary)!

    ...and yes, I confess, I do have a new computer ;)


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