Sunday, April 29, 2012

Bock Comes Home

Oh what an evening! I started my reentry much later than originally scheduled due to an unexpected maintenance nap that lasted longer than planned and left me dazed and believing I am going mad. (And I can already hear the snickering "Did he write ´going mad´, that dude has been mad as a blind hatter for years!") Anyhow, I may tell you about that in a post sometime.

The evening started with my friend Kahvy Sands reminding me that I had been invited to a ballroom dance that evening, and was late.

I felt like young Anton Hysén floating all over the floor like I had never done anything else. It was of course my dance partner Ms Jayde who made me look good, with some help from the Intan dance ball.

After the ballroom dancing I had a quick smoke and then a change of clothes to get my little ass over to the fundraiser for Second Pride 2012 at the French Le 5eme Élément Club.

The club is owned and operated by my old friend Helyo Mendes (we met at Second Pride 2008) and his business partner Lilou.

I was joined at the club by my wife-for-a-day Iendi Laville. We danced and chatted away in broken French and English to the great Techno Trance music of the cute and awesome DJ TITAZ. And you are correct, TITAZ is a bit blurry. We could not find anyone who could help translate the term "rebake" to French.
Iendi left me at a late/early hour but I was still not finished, so when I saw the notice from Kharissa Indigo that Wesley Spengler was having a set coming up at The Tribute I went there to round off my evening.

The room was packed with hunky and funny men chatting away like crazy in local, Wes and Khar are good at keeping the chat going in local and all the old-timers and the newcomers fall in.
Khar and Larz Kaz

 I had a wonderful time all evening, and it felt like coming home again.

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