Saturday, April 7, 2012


Soon after I had logged inworld I got a notice in the KMADD Group about a fashion show. I haven´t been to one of these events for a very long time, so I thought to myself "Hell, why not?" and off I went.

The lag was of course atrocious in the beginning, but once they had restarted the sim things got much better. When I got back to the show I grabbed the first empty seat I saw hoping that no one was already sitting there.

As it turned out I ended up besides this very interesting looking man, who´s name was Dark Hennesy.

Following my usual urge, I checked out his profile and realized he was a part of the DeeTaleZ (SLurl) fashion company and actually partnered to that company´s owner and designer Steffi Villota. No wonder he looked so interesting.

Suddenly someone sat down on my right and I knew his name already, it was Frolic Mills of The Best of Second Life (BOSL).

So here we are sitting all lined up and hobnobbing, Frolic of BOSL, Bock of BMcM and Darki of DeeTaleZ. I am sure the other two had never heard of or seen me before, although I have seen Frolic around SecondLife several times earlier.

Da guyz, fashionistas
The show began with a few words from the MAD in KMADD, Maddox DuPont, who welcomed us and told us about the various designers in the evenings show. His whole style for the evening was well suited to the name of the show.

I will start by showing you the male looks, I got most of them on camera (except the last one due to a crash). The comments under each picture are my immediate thoughts when I saw the models.
Good only for a sports themed party
Oh well....ok...I guess...
Seen it before
Beautiful (This is the men´s look I liked best)
Ughhhh! Yikes! You cannot be serious? Imaginative and the blue is nice.
I totally hated the boots and the visor
All in all not too bad, but I must admit that I am still not particularly thrilled by mesh-details in men´s fashion.

As I have probably told you before, but I much prefer clothing that adapts to the body instead of the other way around. I also like it when clothes flow like natural material (cloth, leather etc.) instead of appearing like one is wearing armored plate as a gladiator or a knight in medieval times.

Now for the women´s looks. As usual these were more imaginative, creative, funny and beautiful.
Nice colors but whats new?
Fun - but still hate the Trekkie visor
Woohoo - this and one of my jester hats, perfect!
Very classy! My favorite in the women´s looks.
Huh, nice red but then what...?
Nice but old


  1. whats new about those female dresses and skirts is of course mesh same old boring styles but still new and most important a large ammount of the female population in sl cant wear it so it looks goos at FITS.. sure yes you can wear the alpha layer provided but have a closer look... doesnt fit still hihi....
    must say i didnt see anything at all i liked there on your pic, but then again im not a trendy kind of woman as such... i make stuff I like and wow it actually sells;)

    1. The theme of the show was colors, so I can understand you did not like it at all, you bland-white person you!

      Mesh still stinks when it comes to clothes! I could easily have chosen another picture of that first "sporty" male look where you would see the poor guy standing in something looking like a barrel of mesh. Totally ugly!


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