Sunday, April 8, 2012

How rude!

Artistically enhanced
picture of Ms. Sex Toy
removed on her request.
Can you even imagine the Much Honored Bock McMillan, laird of Southern Charm and prince of Cascade Falls, being called "Mr. Bagpipe" by an Icelandic woman with the name "Sex Toy" (as directly translated from Icelandic by Google Translate)?

Well, it did indeed happen today, right after I had quite pleasantly told Ms. Sex Toy that we should do each other the courtesy of ignoring one another completely in the future. 

Such brazen effrontery and insolent shamelessness is fortunately not ordinarily encountered in polite company in SecondLife - or anywhere for that matter.

Update: After being requested by Ms. Kynlif Leikfang (see comments to this post) and due consideration, I have decided to remove my artistically enhanced picture of her. You can now see her picture in the comments instead.

As for Ms. Kynlif Leikfang referring to me as "Lauslátir Maður", which she claims means "promiscuous man" in Icelandic, I can only say that in every language I know anything about Google Translate shows me these translations. As far as I can see they all translate into "Free from dead man".
Translation to English

Translation to German

Translation to Spanish

Translation to Dutch

Translation to Danish

Translation to Norwegian

Translation to Swedish


  1. Sarge at Arms with kilt on standby Laird =^^=

    1. Thank you, my good man, I always knew I could rely on you! ;)

  2. Listen, my dear Bock, or translated into Icelandic: Lauslátir Maður, not only do you make a whole chicken run of a feather you prove that I´m right -You are sensitive to shock as a bagpipe.
    But I'm very surprised it infringes on my copyright to you without hesitation makes you guilty. With your education is no justification for your actions.
    Quote Stefan Teste Bachelor of Laws: Copyright arising from the creation. does not require a label that this image is copyrighted. Copyright applies anyway. it is not allowed to take someone else's picture from the internet and use it and also manipulate the image.

    1. So sue me, Ms. Sex Toy!

      You chose your name yourself, I had nothing to do with it. In fact I was totally stupefied when I saw the result of the translation that I had to crosscheck it in several languages and translating it back to Icelandic again.

      It is a conundrum to me why a woman claiming to be against male supremacy and for women´s equality would even consider choosing such a vile name

      ...and I must say that the wit of you naming me "Free from dead man" completely escapes me. I should think it says more about you and the depths you are ready to sink to than about me.

      Now go away, and please in future just ignore me and anything I do and say as I mean to ignore you and any of your actions.

  3. I´m sorry for the poor english but I´m furious for the moment!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. If you do not remove the stolen and distorted picture of me from your blog before sunrise tomorrow, I will submit abuse notification of infringement of my copyright.
    Lauslátir Maður means "Promiscius man."
    I certainly do not want to have anything to do with you in any context but I reserve the right to dislike you.

    1. As I said, go ahead!

      "Lauslátir Maður", turns up as "Free from dead man" in every language I have tried it, it is of course possible that the use of the phrase in Icelandic has another meaning than the words themselves. This is not uncommon in any language.

      So please tell me, in what way am I promiscuous?

  6. OK I have reconsidered on the issue of using your picture and am now removing it from the post.

  7. Further comments on the matter are made and can be found on my Facebook page

    1. Thank you for sharing, Kynlif. Have a wonderful life!

  8. GIggles

    Andy Archer


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