Saturday, April 7, 2012

Sleepless in SecondLife

Ziggy and I
When I logged out from SecondLife after Feline´s set at The Sanctuary yesterday (see previous post), I was happy, tired and sleepy and was looking forward to a good nights sleep.

As a part of my regular ritual my bedroom had been had been well aired while I took off my clothes, brushed my teeth and washed myself. The room was exactly the right chilly temperature that I like when I crawled under the duvet, but the second my drowsy head hit my fluffed up, eiderdown filled, soft and well chilled pillow there was an almost audible ***Bazinga!*** ...and I was wide awake again.

I am not unaccustomed to this phenomenon so I have strategies to handle that situation. I stay in bed, just rest and focus on myself breathing in and breathing out, breathing in and breathing out. Any thoughts that come up quickly whisked away as my focus is turned back to resting and breathing, in and out, in and out.

This usually works well for me, but when I hadn't fallen asleep after an hour of this, I go to the next step. Get out of bed and do something relaxing or boring. I had to make a choice; Dreary sitcoms on television or back into the world that never sleeps? I chose SecondLife.

As I was logging back in I thought I remembered that Wesley Spengler had a set for the Americas on Fridays so I went to his new club The Tribute.

Well I remembered wrong, there was no party there, but the radio was on a good channel and there were a couple of friendly guys chatting and dancing there anyway. I joined them and asked my buddy Ziggy Starsmith, who was also inworld, to come and join us.

Wesley Spengler
After a while Wesley himself joined us and we all had a good time chatting and dancing.

About an hour later I was ready for a new try with my bed and this time I was more successful and fell asleep the second before my head rested on the pillow.

I am a fortunate man, to have a world handy where I can always find rest, relaxation, good music and great company whenever I need it.

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