Monday, May 14, 2012

At the Opening of Outreach Island

Bock at the opening of Outreach Island
(photograpy by Eddi Haskell)
On Sunday I made a visit to the opening of Outreach Island in SecondLife.

This is a great project by Justin and Jared Palianta against the epidemic of "teen bullycides" (suicides due to tormenting by peers).

My camera was not working and my attention level was split due to - among other things - the fierce onset of a particularly bad case of the common cold (it killed the American Indians you know, so it may kill me too...) but my mentor Eddi Haskell has the story and the pictures on his blog today, Eddi Haskell´s Second Life; Second Life's LGBT Community Takes a Stand Against Teen Bullycides With The Opening of Outeach Island. Photographic Coverage of Today's Celebration of Life Event.

Eddi has all the vital info, but if you should need more please visit Second Life Outreach For Life.

P.S. I have seen that a few of you have sent me note cards in-world, I will pick them up tomorrow - promise!


  1. Bock you look so hot in white. You can be the white prince. I like the black so I can be the black prince... ;-)

    1. Are you trying to tell me that I do not look good in black, my dear Black Prince? ;)

      I actually think Eddi Photo Shopped the picture to make me look good though... he is kind that way!

  2. You would still look good my dear white prince, even in Teflon

    1. Awww beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, buddy, and you are a beautiful soul!

  3. Replies
    1. LOL are you trying to butter me up, buster?

  4. Replies
    1. O, now you got my attention, the wildest thing I ever did with food or drink was to *Bock clears his throat* in a pint of Rocky Road chocolate sauce and *Bock clears his throat again*. It took an hour and a then a shower to get it all off but it was worth it.


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