Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Bullring Comes to SP2012

On the fifth day of the Second Pride Festival The Bullring Club (url) came to Pride.

The Bullring is known mostly for it´s extremely handsome and macho patrons and today they came to Pride to party to the music of DJ Hotboy.The venue was bustling with testosterone, hairy legs and bodies and well developed muscles - with a few women in between.

DJ Hotboy was sweet enough to play a song in memory of my Ars and another SecondLife DJ who had passed away. Unfortunately the other DJ´s name escaped me. possibly because I was taken by surprise and touched.
Torro Spyker, the sexy club owner
The hot and energetic DJ Hotboy
For some reason or other I was in a foul mood so I didn't stay very long, 


  1. Hey Bock,
    it was great to see you there - sorry I didn't get a chance to chat.
    I saw you snapped some paparazzi shots of you, then I looked around and I'd lost you :-(
    I'm sure we'll get a chance to catch up soon.
    Take care my friend, and have a great Second Pride ;-)

  2. No worries, Torro! I completely understand that you as a host were busy during the party. ;)

    Take care and hope to see you soon, Torro!


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