Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Home Again

I am back home again. Thank you all for the well-wishes!

The surgery was somewhat more extensive than what I had been referred for. When the surgeon ripped open my belly he discovered that i had coughed up two additional smaller hernias north of the tangerine-sized one. The two smaller ones had the size of small grapes.

However all has gone extremely well although I am tired and have a bit of pain, especially when I have my coughing bouts.

Going to bed now to get some more sleep and rest, I hope to see you all this evening.


  1. you rest up now and dont lift anything heavier than a coffee cup you hear!!
    glad to hear everything went well now i can relax again:) hugs

  2. WB Bockilein :)
    And now rest!

    Huggles and kisses

  3. Hey! There u are:)Hold a firm hand against bandage when feel like coughing And I say Dont lift anything heavier than a half filled coffecup;)
    Go riddance of those 3 hernias.
    Huggs Zigga

  4. Welcome back.
    Take really good care of yourself now.

  5. glad to hear it went well :D Drink plenty of fluids, get enough rest and call me in the morning ;)


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