Monday, June 4, 2012

My Boys

Well, after all the confusion and misunderstandings we had I finally got to see and talk with my boys again. With "we" I am, in this case, mostly referring to myself of course.

As I understand it, my young ones these days like to play a game called "First Life", which means they lounge on their sofas - one in Belgium and the other in Finland - and look at and talk with each other on some newfangled thing called Skype.

Now they were finally with me again in SecondLife and we talked in voice and had a good time together. In this case I mean my stepson Guyke and myself when I say "we". My son in-law Janttu had a very bad cold with fever and could hardly get a word in sideways except those occasions when Guyke and I stopped talking for 5 seconds to catch our breaths - and then only typing in local chat.

That actually reminded me that I had never heard Janttu speak. I told him that if I did not hear him speak in voice next time we met I would start suspecting he was a devious woman who had succeeded in turning my stepson straight. (What would Ars have said, I wonder? )

To this Guyke responded that it had taken him "ages" to get Janttu to speak with him in voice. Knowing Guyke that would mean little more than 20 minutes. I never could teach the boy the virtue of patience, well I may not be the best teacher but at least I try - sometimes.

Anyway it was wonderful to have them close again and knowing they were doing well. I love them to bits and look forward to seeing them in-worlds a bit more often in the future. Otherwise I will start considering some kind of addiction therapy to get them off this "First Life"-thing.


  1. It was wonderful hearing your voice and being in your warm company. Coming to Southern Charm always feels like coming home again.

    Belgo-Finnish huggles

    1. Hugs, sweet Guyke, and please send one to the sick Finn too ;)

  2. OMFG what a fantastic collection of gorgeous men!


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