Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Finals of Mr. Gay 2012

Well, that was an ordeal I that will not forget soon.

Everything started out well. With the kind assistance of Garth Raleigh I got the landmark to the venue and arrived early to secure my spot an hour before the contest started.

I chose a seat close to the refreshments because one can never know how long these things last and the bar service is usually slow. if you can get any at all.

As usual the rest of the crowd started dropping in after the official start of the event, some gay men always need to make "an entrance!", it´s a sort of compulsive behavior that I believe could be connected with being gay. Either that, or they had been to the sim N District before and knew that it was lousy. 

With only 40 avatars on the sim and after 15 crashes or so and three sim restarts the event finally started about an hour and twenty minutes late.

Our MC for the evening was the always delightful Ms. Kharissa Indigo. She did a great job at handling everything that happened with her customary charm and calm.

My viewer kept acting up throughout the rest of the event.

I couldn't save pictures to my computer and crashed eleven times more, the first few times because I tried taking pictures and the rest of the time for no reason at all. Alas this meant that I could only take a few snapshots with lower than usual quality.

The final line up consisted of eight gorgeous guys. All selected by the patrons of a gay club in SecondLife.

We were presented with the guys in swimwear, fantasy outfits and formals intertwined with the men´s answers to - prepared or unprepared - questions at previous interviews.

The judges boiled the competitors down to the last three guys.
From left to right, Mr. [N] Club Geremy Pallis, Mr. Sexology Willstar Galatea and Mr. Warehouse #69 Ty Yifu.

Before the final declaration of the winner by the judges I had made up my mind of the order I placed the last three guys in. I had Ty as winner, followed by Willstar and then Geremy. Well that only goes to show, I should never be a judge at these competitions, because the winner was Geremy.

Ladies and gents, I present you with Mr. Gay 2012 Geremy Pallis! He was a little too boyish for my taste but I believe he won the contest with his excellent answers in the interviews.


  1. Thanks for the reporting, Bock. I was having major problems in SL last night. My pick was Ty, also. So I suppose we were on the same page.
    C'est la vie.

    1. It was my pleasure! Thank you for reading and for leaving a comment. Feed back from my readers is always rewarding, even if they don´t agree with me. ;)

  2. Just want to say .. I am so proud of my baby bro ..Ty Yifu.. you did so well and even tho you didnt get the top spot, JT & I are immensely chuffed at the spirit you did it in, an accepted your final position with the grace and good humor you did ..
    Love you brother ... xxxxxxx Shi


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