Wednesday, July 11, 2012

While I Was Waiting for Dejerrity

I haven´t seen or spoken with my brother in-law Dej since we met at Second Pride. Partly because I haven´t been in-world that much due to the spell of fatigue, but partly also because of the time difference. So when I got an IM from him relayed to my e-mail during the the night before yesterday telling me he needed to talk with me, I decided to see if I could connect with him yesterday around noon SLT.

As soon as I logged in-world I saw his yellow dot lighting up the southeast corner of the sim on my mini-map and thought to myself, "Good, he is here!" After flying over to his house I found him lying at his new favorite spot. I greeted him, but got no response so I assumed he was away from his keyboard for some reason and sat down to wait for his return. Like many others in SecondLife, Dej often leaves himself parked in-world while he runs errands, works, eats, naps or whatever other reason he may have to occupy him in first life.

"What shall I do while I wait?", I wondered. As everyone knows I have a reputation of being "the most patient man in SecondLife". Everyone tells me that constantly and even if they do not always come straight-out and say it, I am convinced that they think it.

So after standing around a few minutes I decided to pass the time with a cigarette, thinking he would surely be back from whatever he was doing when I returned. No such luck though, he still wasn't there when I returned after seven minutes. My restlessness started creeping up on me and I thought that perhaps I should do something else while I waited, but I could not decide on anything so in the end I turned on the music and sat down by the camp fire. I also sent him an IM hoping that he would come to his computer when he heard the sound of the incoming IM.

Another few minutes went by without a reaction. I looked around the place of the camp fire and noticed that Dej had changed the textures on the pillows. it looked much better than before. I also noticed that he had laid out stepping stones to the little island behind me so that one could walk across without getting ones feet wet (Well, that was what would have happened in first life but not in SecondLife).

There was still no sign of activity so I turned on the music and sat down to wait a bit more. Waiting is not a thing I am good at, as Ars often liked to point out to me. "OK", I thought, "he may have gone to the store to get some food and condoms. Be patient, he will soon be back."

Sitting there, listening to the music, my eyes passed across the suitcase symbol at the bottom of my screen indicating my Inventory. "Good, there is a long overdue task I can occupy myself with", I told myself and looked at the number telling me I had more than 22,000 items in it.

Clearing Inventory is a delicate matter that needs thought and consideration and should not be done hastily. So I attacked the task at hand by starting with the system folders.

Animations folder was easy to sort, there were not that many and I knew which ones I did not want to keep anymore.
Body Parts folder was a bit trickier, because there were a lot of stuff I did not wanted to trash, for sentimental reasons. I also sorted some stuff into the different folders here for Skin, Shape, Eyes, Hair, Penises etc and other categories.
Calling Cards folder, I left untouched, especially after a previous experience where I had deleted a card by mistake (Cross my heart and hope to die!) and the other person was so pissed with me that she refused to renew our friendship.

Lastly - on this occasion - I started on the Clothing folder. I knew pretty well which stuff I did not like at all and would never ever under any circumstances use, those were deleted. The ones I was unsure of I left alone to take a look at another time.

Doing this took me about an hour and a half - without any sign from by brother in-law. I plan to go on with it next time I have some time over. I reduced my Inventory with 1,500 items with this operation alone. Imagine how much shit is still hiding in the other nine system folders, not to mention the user folders. I should think I could bring my Inventory down to 6,000-7,500 items.

So thank you Dej, sweetie, for not being there, but I still hope to see you next time I log in!

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