Sunday, August 19, 2012

"I Am So Hot!", He Said

It is not easy to be a single parent - and a stepparent at that - to a young man in his zesentwintig weer (26+), when the hormones are carousing wildly in his veins.
The cuteness that is Guyke™
Photo by Kent Hutchinson of KH Photography
Yesterday when I was in Instant Messaging with my son he suddenly blurted out, "I am so hot! My beautiful tan skin is glistening with pearls of salty, sweet, sweat."

Red alert! Red alert! All the warning signals sounded off in my mind. "Uh oh, what is wrong", I thought to myself, "is he really making a pass at me? Better pretend you do not understand and play it down!"

"Well, yes of course you are hot! What do you expect with Ars´s genes running in your genetic makeup." ("Good one!", I thought this would remind him of his father and my relationship to him.) "Besides, I already know you are hot, I have know you for close to five years remember?"

Guyke started laughing at me, can you imagine? "I was talking about the temperatures in Belgium", he said, "We have had a really warm day."

Sighing with relief that it was a misunderstanding I laughed with him at myself and my paranoia.


  1. Jesus Christ both you and Guyke are overwelmingly beautiful and god dammit I cannot have either of you.
    I am now spoiled in men as no others interest me so much ;-)

  2. Stop teasing Ziggy with these blog posts and hot photos Bock! And yes, boys from Belgium can be incredibly beautiful and sweaty at the same time.

    As I remember, Antwerp is where guys from Amsterdam go when they want to let their hair down (check out the link to The Boots)

  3. @ Bockilein Lol you silly man!

    @ Ziggy ----> I'm blushing all over!

    @ Eddi -----> Antwerp is indeed a wonderful town and very gay friendly indeed.
    Certainly worth a visit!

  4. Like my stepson, I will deal with you all in order of appearance.

    @ Ziggy, you should see him with a blush all over - so cute! ;)

    @ Eddi, the Flemish men aren't called "Ardennes" without reason you know... and in SecondLife, like all other nationalities, they take it a few notches further...

    @Guykechen, yeah but I love you so I am allowed ;P

  5. How come such beautiful men blushing and I cannot lay a finger on them?
    My God your family on SL is blessed with being manly as well as beautiful and sexy as as HELL!
    And the voices, omg..the voices...I can just lay back, close my eyes , listen to you speak and....

    1. Oh look who´s talking? When such great praise comes from the most sought after bachelor in SecondLife it is indeed a compliment to wish for!

      Thank you, my charming fried! ;)


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