Saturday, September 8, 2012

I Am a Believer

I am a firm believer in the political process. This was one of the few battling grounds between me and my Ars over the years that we were together.

Ars was totally and utterly disillusioned with politics and outright refused to vote in any election. He never really explained why to my satisfaction, but told me that politics in the U.S. is only about who has the most money and that politics is just a game for corrupt power-mongers. His defeatist attitude towards politics really surprised me, because in every other way Ars was always a fighter for what he believed in.

To me it is a moral obligation for those of us who are lucky enough to live in democracies to vote. We can vote for or against something but to abstain from voting or voting for "Donald Duck" or some similar silliness is unthinkable.

If there is no option you  feel you can support fully, find the one you agree with most - or disagree with least. Hell, you can even get together with other with similar opinions and form your own alternative. Start with the  issues that are most fundamental to you and your values then move ahead from there.

If we choose not to avail ourselves of our democratic right to vote to try to affect the development of the societies we live in in the direction we wish to see them move, we - in my mind - also forfeit our right to complain or criticize what happens.

Change happens gradually and over time, except when there is a revolution and that is not always the best ways to provide the desired changes.


  1. Sorry buddy I am on Ars's side on this one. To me all politicians are political piggies living high on the hog at our expense.
    Politics bores me to tears

    1. Indeed! Not another one! I'm with you on this one Bockilein :) I think it is our civil duty as people living in democratic countries to go out and vote. And I'm proud to live in a country where voting is obligatory. As much as I am not happy with the election results most of the time... At least we the people got our voices heard. It is a right that so many around the world envy us for!

    2. Exactly, dear Guykechen! ;)

      Perhaps we should give the sweet and sexy but sorely deluded Ziggy one of our "special treatment sessions", so that he realizes his mistaken ways?

      Let´s not call it a threat though, he might like that idea too much, let us instead call it a promise...

    3. Both of you in front of me teaching me ANYTHING makes me faint in happiness!
      Come on and persuade me! ;-)

    4. Ah wishful thinking is a great talent to have, it gives you so many hours of joy! ;)

  2. Kudos, Bock! Voting is a responsibility and a privilege. I was fortunate enough to spend some time in Eastern Europe when it was controlled by communists. I will never forget being in Budapest as the Soviet tanks pulled into town.The Soviets were in town on routine manuevers, but I couldn't help but feel for the Hungarians.

    Hunter and I have lived in very small towns most of our lives together. He used to think like Ars until there was a local election where the candidate he favored lost by 1 vote. That was the last time Hunter boycotted the voting booth. Votes till matter. What the American electorate needs is a good civics class :)


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