Sunday, September 23, 2012

Slanted Journalism

The latest issue of Newsweek has - rightfully - drawn a lot of criticism for the magazine´s cover and article on "Muslim Rage".

The U.S. magazines grossly exaggerated and dishonest reporting on the reactions in the Muslim world on the the discovery of an inane and provocative Islamophobic film on YouTube must be one of the worst examples in history of bad journalism. The magazine blows up the reactions of a small minority of crazy extremists and tries to imply that there is a widespread fury among the Muslims.

Some people should lose their job for this bummer, if they haven´t already, and hopefully that includes the editor-in-chief.

The website has made a satirical compilation of thirteen photographs showing us the true pictures of the Muslim Rage, see Gawker: 13 Powerful Images of Muslim Rage. (Tipped by

Angry Egyptians gather to vent their Muslim rage
Iranian couple preparing to rage

The reaction to the cover and the article in the Muslim community has also resulted in a a flood of hilarious tweets.

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