Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Remembering Our Friends Memorial

I didn't know that a place like the Remembering Our Friends Memorial (ROF) existed in SecondLife until a few days after Doug/Ars had died when his brothers Dej and Jeb told me that a few of Ars´s friends had placed a plaque for him there.

Later the same week I was contacted by Kilara Banning, whom I had met at a function a few weeks earlier, who asked if she could place a memorial for Ars at Linden Park (SLurl thanks to Ziggy for reminding me) another memorial site in SecondLife. Linden Park is made available by Linden Lab.

Since the inception of Remembering Our Friends Memorial by Carlo Dufaux, Tina Barrett and Mike Burleigh , they have provided space in their Chapel and Annex Wings for plaques for loved ones that were SecondLife residents as well as those who never were residents.

Personalized memorial plaques are created with no cost obligation to the requester. Freestanding custom built monuments are also available at a small fee.

Remembering Our Friends Memorial is funded through donations and sponsorship. They do not profit from this revenue and any excess funding, after expenses, is used for expansion, upkeep and the causes they support.
All plaques and monuments feature an oil lamp, that can be lighted in memory of your loved one for a nominal fee. There are of course also a few donation boxes around the venue, but if I have the time I prefer the lighting candles method. You can light the candles of anyone you choose, I have made it my task to keep the candles in the section where Ars´s plaque is lit.

For more information you can visit Remembering Our Friends Memorial´s website (url).

The landmark to the sim Remembering Our Friends Memorial (SLurl) and to Ars´s memorial plaque (SLurl) (Their is a fixed landing spot, so the best way to find Ars plaque is to first look up the location on a map then red arrows will guide you once you land there.)

P.S. Yes, I detest the white angelic figures all over the place, but I try to ignore them for the good cause, mostly I succeed.)


  1. Ars was truly a great guy and a great personal friend of mine and I am glad his memory lives on in Second Life. I am pretty sure I was at the memorial service mentioned (I know I was at this memorial when Ars passed away) and as I remember there were more than a "few" people present. Ars touched many people in Second Life, including my partner Jago and myself, and we are with you Bock in missing a great person who made our lives better by knowing him. Thanks for the great post here.

  2. Truly a genuine a loving heart. He's missed.

  3. Bock here is the slurl to Ars at Linden memorial park in case you lost it or needed it to post:

    Hugs and kiss

  4. Thanks guys! I am happy that others also remember Ars affectionately.

    Ziggy dear, thanks for reminding me, I had completely forgotten to add the SLurl. Hugs and kisses


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