Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Verdict Against A.B.B.

On August 24 2012, the Oslo District court delivered it´s verdict in the case of the Norwegian mass-murderer and terrorist A.B.B. I was too preoccupied with my first life at the time to blog about it, so this is mainly for my own records as I have been following the case on the blog since the start..

The court found A.B.B. to be guilty of all charges, i.e.

  • acts of terrorism, 
  • seventy-seven (77) counts of murder, 
  • forty-two (42) counts of attempted murder etc.

The court also found A.B.B. to be criminally accountable for the crimes he had committed.

The court sentenced A.B.B. to a minimum of ten (10)years and a maximum of twenty-one (21) years of preventive incarceration, with the possibility of extensions with five years at a time until such time as he was seen to be fit to join society again.

A.B.B. immediately declared that he would not appeal the verdict, but the prosecutors asked for a two week period to consider an appeal. (As you may remember the prosecution primarily asked the court to find A.B.B. criminally insane and to sentence him to psychiatric care).

Hopefully the prosecutors decide not to appeal the verdict and this will have been the last we see and hear of A.B.B. forever.

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