Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Very Strange

Son of Man (1964) by René Magritte
When I was inworld today something strange occurred.

I was first talking with my son Guyke, who had returned today from a tour of "the gay saunas in Finland", i.e. the home of my son in-law Janttu Winkler. Suddenly the little brat stopped answering me - or so I thought. He could of course be away from hiis keyboard or deep in a serious discussion with his hubby, so I waited a long while, thinking he would come back.

When he did not come back, I tried striking up a conversation with Mrs. Vampi Twine-DeSantis-McMillan instead, who is my chief technical officer in SecondLife. Imagine my surprise when she also i-g-n-o-r-e-d me!

I thought (with a shitload of self-pity), "Well, it may just be a bad day. Everyone seems to be too busy to talk to you so you might just as well log off!"

As it turns out, they did not ignore me because when I checked my mail after logging off I saw their responses there. It was just SecondLife acting up in an unexpected way, that I hav never encountered before.

So you two who are named in this post, I still love you but didn't get your answers inworld! I hope everything works better tomorrow!


  1. no i didnt ignore you at all i DID answer you but only got this as soon as i did [12:53] Second Life: User not online - message will be stored and delivered later. thought it was something wrong from my side so i relogged but no bock online when i came back...
    but answering your question you asked in iM.. no comp still dying did some cpr on it so it will probably do its best till my new parts arrive...which they should in 2 days (I HOPE!!) it left komplett 14.51 today so fingers crossed and that my brother gets his.....behind over here with my win 7 disc too:)

    1. Yup, dear Vampi, as I say above I did get your answer in my mail instead. Very Strange.

      I will keep my fingers crossed that the parts you have ordered arrive soon and you can get your computer fixed ;)

    2. Indeed Vampi I got the same message you got.

      And now I didn't get to say how much I missed you dearest Bockilein, well you know that by now.

      Btw thanks for promoting belgian art on your blog :D

      Love you xoxoxo

  2. And I was also online-did u im me-not:) You little son of man nope u did not.Make your hair straight up and be a man man,we love u all:) you know that :)

    1. Opps darling Ziga, you caught me with my pants down! But I did think of your lovely husband Em when I chose the picture for this post because I seem to remember him - or perhaps you - telling me he loves Magritte! So perhaps you can forgive me an little...?

  3. Guyke, I heard the gay saunas in Finland are wild. Can you give us some stories and have your daddy post them here?

    1. ROFL My son is almost a virgin, he has only been to his husband Janttu´s personal gay sauna - I am sure... ;)


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