Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Cabaret Sans Chagrin

(via A Tribe Called sirhc)

"We invite you all to our charity event at Cabaret Sans Chagrin on Wednesday November 28, 2012, starting at 11am-2pm

  1. Korvids playing the Piano 11am-12pm
  2. Dj Biebi spinning exotic - reggae tunes 12pm-1pm
  3. DJ sirhc spinning a mix of music from the 80's, and all kinds of awesome tunes!
The charity organisation we are supporting this day is the Belgian first life organisation ''Vzw The Lucky Stars'' for cats in need."

Your special cat carrier to The Animal Rights and Welfare Land (SLurl)
(Please Note: Cabaret Sans Chagrin is part of the Animal Rights and Welfare land, and can be found as a skybox in the sky. When you land, you may not land directly in the Cabaret, so please take our teleporter on the ground, Thank you!)


  1. and i had to stay at home up on my platform away from a nekkid noob with half my inventory and cant tp gotta love LLs rolling restarts and server upgrades

    1. Awww my poor kitten (referring to Vampi´s hubby) so you sent him ot in the big bad world without you? I am sure he would have loved to have you there even as a nekkid noob :P

  2. he had a blast being with his kitty ppl at this place so IM the one to feel sorry for i couldnt get off my platform even *sobs* now they are rerolling magnum and blue steele severs so we should be back to normal within a few min( thinking its LLs doing it so wwithin 30 min) i cant log in right now hhehe

    1. Well darling, you will be back with us soon enough and the rolling restarts are good for our wonderful SecondLife. ;)


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