Wednesday, November 7, 2012


The evening before the American election my son Guyke and I had discussed that we should meet up this evening to either celebrate or mourn the outcome of together with our family. It was also a good opportunity for me to meet the new extensions to the family.

In the picture you see (from left to right) Guyke, my buddy Butch "I-don´t-understand-this-family-thing-in-SL" Diavolo, Dillon (son of Janttu and Fabiano), myself, my son in-law #1 Janttu and his husband Fabiano and my brother in-law D R E Y.

Missing in the picture are my sister Millimina,  my son in-law #2 Ziggy and my brother in-law Dej..

As we had at least three DJ´s present I of course forced them to play music for us. We had a wonderful time talking on voice and listening to music. The most special thing about this party was perhaps that I heard Janttu speak for the first time. I will only say that I went weak in my knees (and that even when I was sitting).

The new family members were charming, witty and good looking  but I never doubted that because the men in the clan know how to pick awesome men.


  1. I for one had a wonderful time :) Btw I was so happy to see uncle Drey again!

  2. I always have to miss all the fun with my god damn job! :-(

  3. You were dearly missed tho! With you there it would have been a perfect evening. love you xoxoxo

  4. Maybe we need another celebration this weekend ;-)

  5. sssst... maybe one is already planned :P

  6. Ohhhh have you two had enough of each other's exclusive and XXX-filled company now, so that you would even consider leaving Ziggy´s log cabin to see other people? ;P

  7. Maybe for a couple of hours :P

    1. Ummmm (mimicking my son) are you sure, are you quite sure? ;D

  8. Maybe by Monday we may leave the confines of the seclusion to venture forth and um....visit! ;-)
    Sorry but I just can't keep my hands off Guyke ;-)


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