Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Cool, Calm & Collected™

After the latest scare, where I went frantic and saw myself with a white cane trying to find my way through the winding and cobbled streets of my beloved hometown, not being able to read, write, drive or watch movies, television or SecondLife I today digested the news and realized that the danger was not imminent.

There will be ample time to take action and find solutions because I will not become totally blind within the next few weeks or even the next few months. There is time to consider options like suicide, surgery or support from a set of beautiful and reliable twins to steer me through my everyday life and cater to my wishes or needs.

It is time for a new beginning, a change! From this day on the laird will personify the phrase "cool, calm and collected". No more histrionics, outbursts or antics, just a calm and slightly aloof attitude to whatever may happen.

Artwork: Nils von Dardel, The Waterfall.


  1. There is time to consider options like suicide?
    If you ever say that ever again Laird you will be punched in the face very hard by all your friends and family so you have more to worry about.
    We want you to be well and yourself...

    1. Hugs buddy! Honestly and from the cores of my heart and my mind, let me reassure you that I am the least likely candidate for suicide I know off.

      I have had previous experience with suicide among relatives and close acquaintances. I will never ever follow that route, no matter how sad or hopeless I may feel, thats a promise.

  2. Well surgery will be the best option. Tho the set of beautiful twins sounds very interesting indeed! Wuff! I'm totally ignoring the suicide option, you simply can't consider that. YOU HEAR ME!!!
    New beginnings can be good, we all need those from time to time :D
    Love you xoxoxo


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