Sunday, November 18, 2012

Multiple Princes?

Snow White´s song works for the first prince, but what if the first prince has come and then gone away? Can we actually hope for a second coming, a second visit, or is that it, once and never again? What if another prince actually does come along, how do we juggle that and - perhaps even more more important - how will the second prince handle the fact that there has been a first? Can anyone compete with a shadow and win or even tie? Should there even be a competition? And if there is a competition how do you weigh one against the other?

Or to summarize, how does one avoid comparison between the first and the second prince even if it is only in your own mind?


  1. Love is a healer.

    Maybe, sometimes, we shouldn't think about it so much and just follow our heart.

    When we allow ourselves to be in love, those questions just have a way of answering themselves.

    Love doesn't care where it's been and it doesn't know where it's going.

  2. Very wise words, anonymous. Love is all wise and forgiving. There is room in one's heart for more than one prince. Love is different each time and with each person. How else could you love so many people in your life?

  3. Comforting words from both of you, thanks darlings!

  4. If this means what i think it does, please go for it will all your heart! You deserve it and now it's your turn!
    It will not diminish the past memories or legacy but will enhance it.
    Never ever forget but just continue in the comfort that someone is always watching over you as we have discussed before at length...I am absolutely certain that they would approve and you know in your heart that they would want you to be happy!

    1. Ahhh my dearest Ziggy, there is no prince waiting yet, I have merely begun contemplating on how I could/would/should handle it if that situation arises in the future.

      I need to make this clear to myself before I would even wish to drag anyone into the mix.

      Love ya, buddy, and thanks for the kind words!

  5. Guyke and I still owe you a home cooked dinner at the cabin ;-)

    1. Huh, "a home cooked dinner"? Here I was expecting a standing invitation for every Sunday dinner in the foreseeable future...


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