Saturday, November 24, 2012

To Conor Burns, MP (Con)

From: X.X
Sebt: November 24, 2012, 17:48
To: ''
Subject: Same-sex marriage

Dear sir,

I am not one of your constituents or even a Briton for that matter. I was, however, so deeply saddened to learn that you are taking part in an organized Tory “rebellion” in parliament opposing Prime Minister David Cameron´s policy to make same-sex marriage legal in Britain that I felt the need to contact you all the same.

According to press coverage you have stated that, ’(you) marvel at why we’re bringing this forward. There is no clamour for this at all within the gay community.’. In my not so humble opinion the issue of the state’s position on same-sex marriage is a highly symbolic issue with a great deal of significance. It should have nothing to do with whether you feel that there is a great demand for it in the gay community or not, in fact it should be enough if you know that there are some individual citizens who want it. The issue is rather a matter of fundamental human rights and whether the state, on the grounds of sexual orientation, should deny a minority of its citizens the same protection under the laws and same and equal rights that it affords to the majority.

Let the various churches and other religions take whatever position they feel that their teachings tell them to on this issue, but the state itself should never differentiate on discriminatory grounds.

What really shocks and amazes me about your position is that you (reportedly) are an openly gay man, just like myself. I cannot understand how you can find it in you to collaborate with bigots, who would deny you your fundamental human right in every other aspect also if they were able to turn the tide, instead of siding with your PM.

Kind regards

X. X.
a.k.a The Much Honored Bock McMillan, laird of Southern Charm and prince of Cascade Falls

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