Friday, December 28, 2012

Cease and Desist

I am receiving a shitload of offline messages from two of my loved ones in SecondLife.

As I understand it the two are at each others throats for some reason that I do not yet know or understand. I am not feeling up to getting involved in this today, but I am feeling better and will be in-world tomorrow again to speak with you both in turn. I am convinced we will work this out.

Meanwhile I would like to tell and kindly request the following.
  • I love you both very much and refuse to imagine a SecondLife without either of you in it.
  • Please, cease and desist from any further direct or indirect communication with each other for the time being.
  • No one moves anywhere or leaves anything before I have had the possibility to talk with the party concerned.

See you both tomorrow!

I ask that some responsible person that knows what I am talking about in this strange post please does me the favor of directing my two loved ones attention to this post. Thank you, I am much obliged!


  1. Ok message received! I will act according to your wishes... always xoxoxo

  2. none the deed buddy;) and as i said anytime day or night:) hugs

    1. Thanks for helping out, Vampi dearest! Big hugs

  3. I am sorry I offended you. You know what you mean to me.


    1. Dej babe, you did not offend me! Love ya´, see you soon! Hugs


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