Saturday, December 1, 2012

Five Years Ago

First kiss in public
Second kiss in public

These two pictures were taken on this day five years ago by our (then) friend Evander Milena. They were taken at the Sarco Sound Grounds (SSG to those of us who used it) at the Ninth Wave Island-sim.

They show Ars and mine two first kisses in public, or rather in front of our friends. I was the one who insisted on two pictures because of the stupid girly-pose. Today I wouldn't have minded at all.

As you can see, already at that time I had my penchant for cargo pants in SecondLife...


  1. Wonderful pictures capturing wonderful moments in time. When we take pictures sometimes we don't realize their value sometimes until years later!

    1. So true, buddy! ;)

      I have also learned never to delete any pictures, I may pack them up but never ever do I delete any of them any more ever...


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