Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Je Suis Là Aussi

My bosom buddy Apmel Goosson tipped me about this new virtual world in his post For this party you have to join a new world!
At the landing place
The new world is called "AIRE Mille Flux" (webpage url), and you are rezzed even uglier than you did in SecondLife in March of 2007. It seems to be a French artsy world and not that exciting yet... 8 sims and at least three are private.

Perhaps the artworld is hoping that they can convince the annoying Ms. SaveMe Oh to emigrate there so they don't have to bounce her off their sims and ban her all the time.


  1. Sorry I didn´t notice your "Bonjour Apmel!" before you had logged out buddy, but I was busy trying to figure out how to change that horrible noob look :)

    Did you find any sandboxes?

    1. No probs buddy, I got the message that you were offline and the message would be delivered when you logged in again.

      Yes, there is a whole sim sandbox - if you bring up the World Map it is in the lower left corner - all brownish. (I read about that on the website)


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