Sunday, December 2, 2012

Snow Over S.C. - World Cut Off

Snow has been falling heavily over Southern Charm in first life since midday Friday. The amounts of snow that have fallen have virtually cut off the world.

In an effort to save the world the Much Honored Bock McMillan, laird of Southern Charm (in both first and SecondLife) - and prince of Cascade Falls, has ordered all of his noble population to the rescue work.

Technicians and engineers are already working hard to keep logins and teleports open. The rest of the nobility will be given shovels and snow mobiles to dig out the world and thus save it from this imminent catastrophe. It is not yet fully known how long the world will survive being deprived contact with Southern Charm, but the best estimates show that the danger is immediate.

Besides saving the world there is another reason for the drastic measure of supplying the lazy nobility with shovels. The lairds planned trip to Stockholm - starting tomorrow - for a state visit with His Majesty Charles XVI Gustavus, king of Sweden, and a crisis meeting with The Nobel Prize Committee are at risk of being cancelled. (It seems the laird´s invitation to the prize ceremonies on December 10 has yet again gone astray.)


  1. Throw away the shovels and get yourself a flame thrower....the key to a dry path through the biting snow!

    1. Haha Now that I think of it, it seems very efficient! ;)


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