Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sunday Dinner

This evening I was invited over to my son and son in-law for Sunday dinner. I don´t worry too much about the fact that I had to twist their arms and play the guilt card to get the invitation, they made me feel like an honored guest anyway.

Ziggy had been at it all day, cooking for the dinner, getting the house cleaned and decorating it for the season. Guyke, like his dad, loves the seasonal decorations and goes crazy every holiday to get all the stuff out.
The place looked wonderful of course, even if one of the scullery maids had not quite finished in time and was still at it trying to get a stain out of the carpet in the living room. The food was delicious, the wine was excellent and the company courteous, but best of all was that Ziggy was on voice and sounded marvelously manly and lovely. Even with his quaint Canadian "out". I always thought that was a silly American joke, but now I know its true - they really do say it that special way.)

The only strange thing that happened was when Guyke suddenly left us to go drain the potatoes, he had not done a single thing earlier - the little jewish princess - so I was really amazed that he took upon himself to do this chore. After a few minutes he returned without any potatoes and looked very relieved and happy. For some reason or other I was unnaturally shy and could not bring myself to ask what he had actually done with the potatoes, although I at that time had started yearning for their arrival.

All in all, it was a nice evening and the boys are sweet together, so I am happy. The fact that I love them both separately and that they get along so well as a couple is reassuring to me. If I should one day no longer be there, Guyke will be well cared for by his loving hubby. Ars will rest in peace and I will be happy.


  1. OK! The key sentence being.. If!! ONE DAY (in the very distant future) you should no longer be there...

  2. OK OK why the giggling every time I had a mouthful of Guyke's steaming drained potatoes?

    1. Ughhhh you just gave me stomach ache from laughing too hard - and you caused some nauseousness also... ;)

  3. X-) uch you're just as bad as my sis! Told her I had to drain the potato's.... she said what?? you have to eat still?? but our party begins in 5.. and threw a fit... I was like O.o....


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